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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1716 Free Novel

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These four people were covered with black equipment from head to toe, black hats, black robes, black shoes, and even black gloves on their hands.

Moreover, this kind of black equipment is very different from ordinary black cloth. The ordinary black cloth is only black, but the black on their bodies is completely super black, like a black hole.

In fact, the reason why this black equipment has this effect is mainly because a layer of ultra-black material with extremely low light refractive index is attached to the outside.

The scientific name of this super-black material is carbon nanotubes, and its reflectivity to light is only 0.035%, which is 3.5/10,000, which is the darkest material that humans have made so far.

The clothes are coated with this material. In a poorly lit environment, to the naked eye it is almost completely unclear. So for ninjas who are good at hiding, this high-tech material is simply their gospel. Wear such clothes. , The ability to hide them has increased exponentially.

At this moment, one of the men said: “Brother, the guy paused for a second before getting into the car. I looked through the binoculars. He seemed to be looking at us. Could we be discovered by him?”

The black-clothed man he called his senior said coldly: “You are just [email protected]! The straight-line distance between us and him is more than 800 meters, even beyond the effective range of most sniper rifles, and our location, altitude About thirty meters taller than that guy, how could he find us?”

“That’s right!” The man on the far left sneered, “This kid is nothing more than a little fight. It is estimated that he is a Chinese master, but the internal power of their master is not supernatural. At most, he is most powerful. No Maybe you can find us even this far away.”

The person asked before, “Brother, the Patriarch does not let us do anything to him now, what shall we do now?”

The brother said, “My second son and I followed the convoy with a powered paraglider. You two drive, and on the radio follow my command.”

The other three agreed in unison.

Immediately afterwards, the brother and the other person pulled a set of powered paragliders also painted with super black material from the roof.

Afterwards, the two men started the engines of the paraglider, and after the dark paraglider was blown up by the wind, they took off directly from the roof and disappeared into the night.

At this moment, Charlie in the car frowned.

Just before getting into the car, he keenly felt that there were people lurking around.

After all, he obtained the good fortune of the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”, and occasionally got spiritual stones and auras in his body, and then used Rejuvenation Pills as snacks. Not to mention his strong strength, his perception ability is much stronger than ordinary people.

Those four people were on the top of the building in the distance. Not only were they very hidden, they also controlled their breath very well, but they still didn’t hide from Charlie.

Charlie couldn’t help thinking about it in his heart.

First of all, these four people are hiding in the dark, they must be unkind, and ninety-nine percent of them are coming to him;

Secondly, these four people should all be relatively strong masters, not ordinary people;

Again, these four people are very good at hiding their whereabouts.

Therefore, based on the analysis of these three points, he felt that the four people should be the famous ninjutsu masters in Japan, that is, ninjas.

And their master must be the Takahashi family who he just offended!