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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1713 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1713 Start

That night.

The whole Tokyo runaway group united unprecedentedly.

In the past, they were fighting each other, even competing, antagonizing, and fighting each other while guarding a site. Now they all have become comrades-in-arms.

Everyone held hands together and searched through the carpet, just to find the whereabouts of the mysterious man who abolished Eiki.

However, the instruction they received was not to hack the man, but to report his whereabouts to the Takahashi family immediately.

As long as the exact clue is found, one million will be given.

The mobsters usually don’t have many opportunities to make money. They either collect some protection fees on Red-Light Street, or they are doing some chicken business, and their income is actually very low.

In Japan, how can you be considered a successful mobster?

In fact, it’s very simple. It is enough to have a large displacement motorcycle.

Because in the eyes of the rioters, a good motorcycle is simply the standard equipment for the successful rioters.

It’s like an ancient warrior has a good horse.

However, most of the mobsters barely make ends meet, and simply cannot afford the cost of large-displacement motorcycles. Therefore, they have to walk, or take buses or subways, to fight with others on the streets.

As for why not to take a taxi, it is because the taxi fare in Japan is surprisingly expensive. The mobsters go out for a fight. Before they get to the place, the taxi fare may have been over 1,000, far exceeding their consumption ability.

Because of this, they are desperate for money.

One million, even if it is divided among several people or dozens of people, it is a very objective figure in the hands of individuals.

Therefore, these rioters all took to the street with their own brains, holding their mobile phones, while playing the video of Eiki being beaten, while looking for Charlie in the video.

But they didn’t dare to search with great fanfare, they only dared to search with their eyes quietly, because they knew that this man was incredibly powerful. If you see him, you must not hesitate, turn around and run, and report to the Takahashi family while running. That’s it.

At the same time, several ninjutsu masters enshrined by the Takahashi family also penetrated into the night wearing night clothes.

They are extremely good at concealing body shape and breath, and they are very good at secretly searching and tracking. They are one of the few masters who can truly pass by without leaving marks.

For top ninjutsu masters, it is completely possible for people to run in front and let top police dogs chasing behind. In a few steps, the police dogs will lose all clues.

However, although they are good at hiding their whereabouts, when it comes to attacking power, they are still much worse than Chinese martial arts masters and internal masters.

But then again, although their absolute strength may not be comparable to China’s domestic masters, their overall combat effectiveness should not be underestimated.

Because they are very good at using fatal blows, such as very good at using poisoned daggers, darts, and blow arrows. They like sneak attacks and give opponents a surprise nirvana.

Therefore, if the average master is slightly less vigilant, it is really possible that they will follow their way, and maybe they will die when it is unclear.

The task of these ninjutsu masters is to find Charlie and monitor him secretly. After the Su family leaves Japan, or before Charlie leaves Japan, they will kill him.