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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1712 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1712 Start

“OK, President!”


At this moment, Nanako, who is far away in Kyoto, is still sitting in the courtyard waiting for the heavy snow, and doesn’t know if it will come.

There was a sudden vibration from the phone in her pocket. After she opened it, she found that it was a push notification popped up by the app, with the title: “Eiki was beaten up in the street by someone in Tokyo, and his arms abolished!”

Nanako couldn’t help being surprised, and thought to herself: “Eiki is very famous in Tokyo, why would anyone act on him in the street?”

However, she didn’t have much interest in Eiki, and didn’t want to care about this gossips, so she didn’t click on it.

However, as soon as the screen of the phone was locked, it immediately lit up again, and it was a push from another app. The title was similar to the one just now, except that this one added: “The mysterious man is superb and can be called the god of war!”

Nanako, who has a deep love for fighting and martial arts, immediately cheered up.

She really wanted to see how powerful the mysterious person who was called the god of war by the Japanese media really is!

Later, she turned on the phone and played the video.

Charlie was surrounded by the crowd, and when she couldn’t see anyone, Nanako felt very calm.

When several people were quickly knocked into the air, her expression showed unconcealable shock, and she murmured: “Eiki’s bodyguard can’t be a waiting person. It can be seen that this person is really strong!”

Then, she suddenly uttered an ah, the phone couldn’t be held firmly, and it fell to the ground with a snap.

She hurriedly bent over to pick it up. Fortunately, the ground in the yard was not hard and the phone was not damaged.

So she picked up the phone and couldn’t wait to continue to look at it, her expression became more horrified and excited!

She blurted out excitedly: “Master Wade…It’s really Master Wade!”

At this time, Nanako has become a star chaser girl.

And Charlie is her natal idol!

Therefore, as long as she saw Charlie, she couldn’t hide the excitement in her heart!

What’s more, Charlie in the video is so elegant, so chic, and so domineering!

Nanako, who has always been as quiet as still water, got up, the nymph0 who couldn’t control it, and said to herself in surprise: “Master Wade is really handsome and powerful! This kind of strength is indeed a master of martial arts! No wonder! Can beat Yamamoto Kazuki-sensei with a single palm. With his strength, even if five Yamamoto Kazuki-sensei attacks him at the same time, I am afraid it will be difficult to win!”

With the extreme excitement of the young woman, Nanako watched the video several times over and over again. At this moment, she couldn’t wait to rush back to Tokyo immediately and try her best to meet Charlie!

However, after a while, she gave up the idea again.

She knew that after Charlie abolished Eiki, he would have to face the Takahashi family’s targeting, and her father also has conflicts with him. If she went to him at this time, let alone whether he had the energy to see her. Just going to see him by her is likely to bring trouble to him!

Nanako looked at the sky and murmured: “I only hope that Master Wade can leave Tokyo in peace. As for whether I can see him again, his safety is far more important than my wish. I hope God will bless him and Master Wade will never meet danger……”