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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1711 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1711 Start

“This one……”

When Hiroshi Tanaka faced Ito’s problem, he immediately fell into a dilemma.

How should I answer?

Can the answer come back?

If you don’t come back by any chance, do you have to take the blame?

Will the answer come back?

Even if it was Ito Takehiko, he would run away immediately!

It seems that this question is really difficult to answer.

Seeing that he was stubbornly speechless, Ito shook his heart, and blurted out, “You don’t think that 80% chance for the money is that it will not come back, right?”

Hiroshi Tanaka quickly explained: “It’s not that there is no hope. I don’t think we need to be so pessimistic. It should be 50-50!”

“Fifty-fifty?” Ito Takehiko said angrily, “What the h*ll is this difference between not telling me and being so ambiguous?”

Hiroshi Tanaka said in a hurry: “President, there are indeed many uncertainties in this matter. I am not ready to make a conclusion now, but don’t forget, no matter how bad, we can still solve the problem through litigation.”

“Litigation?” Ito pointed at Hiroshi Tanaka and cursed: “You let the dog eat your brain? Eiki was abolished by Charlie in the street and has become the laughing stock of all Japan. If I f*cking sue him for usurping my money wouldn’t it be even more laughed at by the whole of Japan if we don’t give 100 million?!

Hiroshi Tanaka said embarrassingly: “Mr. President, this is 4.5 billion USD. We can’t really let it go because we are afraid of being laughed at? The whole family’s annual net profit can’t reach this number…”

“Yeah…” Ito said in a painful voice: “The recent economic downturn, our overall net profit last year was only more than 300 million USD. If there is not much improvement this year, maybe it will be even less.”

For large families or large companies, losses are common.

For example, the domestic Zotye Automobile, their financial report shows that they have lost more than 10 billion in a year in 2019.

The American General Motors Corporation, which is also in the automotive industry, has suffered losses due to poor management for years. In GM’s 100-year history, the worst year is a direct loss of 38.7 billion USD!

The international economic situation has been cold in the past two years, and the pressure on Ito Takehiko has been even greater.

In this sluggish market environment, the development prospects of medical and health companies are actually the broadest, because people may not buy cars or houses, but they have to buy medicines.

Because of this, he decided to do everything possible to invest in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Unexpectedly, he stepped into a deep pit.

Now that 4.5 billion fell into the pit and he can’t get it back, I remember him scratching his heart.

Seeing that Ito was extremely depressed, Tanaka Hiroshi hurriedly persuaded: “My lord, in fact, you don’t have to worry about it now. We are different from the Takahashi family. The Takahashi family doesn’t even know who Charlie is, but we at least know him more. On the bottom line, knowing that he is the current owner of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and he is in Aurous Hill, China, and he stepped back and said that even if we had to meet each other in the end, we would be able to find him. The Takahashi family is different. They may not even be able to find him.”

“Yes!” Ito Takehiko suddenly felt his eyes light up and blurted out: “I just want them to not find him! As long as they can’t find Charlie, they will always be the laughing stock of Japan! Hahaha, so funny!”

After that, Ito Takehiko stood up immediately, lit another cigar excitedly, and took a sip, then smiled and said, “Tanaka, in my name, send a bunch of flowers and a fruit to the Takahashi family. The basket should go over and say it is sympathy and meant to disgust them! Hahaha!”