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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1707 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1707 Start

At this time, Eiki was already angry inside.

He wanted to find a clue about the man from this girl, but he didn’t expect that the girl didn’t even know him!

Eiki knew in his heart that what the girl said was definitely not a lie, so he was afraid that it would not be so easy to find that man to settle accounts.

However, what is more important right now is to send someone from the family to the hotel, and to the hospital with Zhiyu and Zhifei.

Zhiyu ignored Eiki who had abandoned his arms. Instead, he helped the Chinese girl put the guitar away, then gave the other party a business card, and said seriously: “Girl, if anyone from now on, dare to do what happened today If you are in trouble, call me immediately. In addition, give my phone number to the person you trust most. If you are in trouble and can’t call me in time, let the person you trust most call me.”

Zhiyu’s words are more for Eiki.

She knew that she would not stay in Japan for a long time at most. What if Eiki waited for her to retaliate with this girl after she left Japan?

Therefore, she must make Eiki hesitate.

With what she said just now, Eiki would never provoke this girl again, because the energy of the Su family was definitely not something they could contend.

What’s more, the Takahashi family is bent on reaching a cooperation with the Su family, and he has said it all. If he dares to trouble this girl, it can only show that Eiki is mentally retarded.

Takahashi Eiki naturally knew what Zhiyu meant in his heart, and he was very uncomfortable because he couldn’t come up with a depressed breath.

However, no matter how uncomfortable, you have to endure it.

As a result, he could only find a subordinate who could still make a call, and asked him to call home quickly.

Ten minutes later, the Takahashi family brought dozens of cars.

Headed by the head of the Takahashi family, Eiki’s father, Machi Takahashi.

Before Machi Takahashi got out of the car, he was shocked by the tragic sight in front of him and could not speak.

More than a dozen bodyguards were staggering everywhere, and traffic was even blocked because of them.

His own son’s face was swollen and half of his face was drawn. What’s worse, his two arms had completely lost control, and he was shrugging pitifully.

With a dark face, he apologized to Zhiyu and Zhifei first, and sent someone to send them and their entourage to the hotel.

Arranged for the Su family, he then ordered people to take his son and other people into the car and go to the hospital.

On the way, Machi Takahashi asked Eiki carefully about the whole process. After listening, he was even more speechless.

After a while, he slapped the central armrest of the car fiercely, and shouted angrily: “What a j3rk! A foreigner dares to hurt my son and a dozen bodyguards in Tokyo. This is a trampling on the dignity of my family!”

Eiki was also furious and choked and said, “Father, you must find that man and kill him to avenge me!”

Takahashi nodded and said coldly: “Don’t worry, I will let the wind go and let people find out his whereabouts!”

Eiki couldn’t wait to say: “Father, find him, I will kill him myself!”

“Personally?” Takahashi asked with a frown, “Can you still kill with your hand?”

“Uh…” When Eiki heard this, he cried and said, “Then I will let someone tie a knife to the sole of my shoe! Anyway, I must kill him myself!”