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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1701 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1701 Start

Seeing that Charlie was surrounded by so many bodyguards, Zhiyu had determined in her heart that he was in a disaster today.

However, she had no sympathy for Charlie.

Because she didn’t see the whole cause of the incident, she only saw Charlie desperately chasing a man on the road, causing the man to be hit by a car, and then his arms were broken by the car.

Just so, it was already a bit bloody and cruel, and she didn’t expect Charlie to accept it before seeing it, and even choked with the young master of the host family. It was simply a brain problem.

At this time, Eiki saw that the time had been delayed for a long time, and his endurance had been completely exhausted. He immediately ordered his opponents: “Fight me! Only one breath left. Together with this person under my feet, you will be thrown into the Rubbish Heap!”

More than ten bodyguards gathered around Charlie for a long time, waiting for these words.

With an order from Eiki, they quickly rushed to Charlie, and everyone tried their best for fear of falling behind.

After all, Charlie is only one person. In their eyes, this is the standard of more monks and porridge. Everyone is a top master. If anyone is a little slower, this kid may notice them.

In that case, those who lag behind will have no chance to show their strength in front of the young master!

Seeing so many people surrounding Charlie, Takahashi suddenly shrank the encircling circle, and a sneer of mockery was wiped from the corner of his mouth.

“A little man, dare to confront Eiki on the streets of downtown Japan. Isn’t this a death-seeking thing?”

“It’s a pity that, as the eldest master of the Takahashi family, it is not convenient for me to personally shoot in front of so many people. Otherwise, I really want to destroy you by myself!”

Eiki was expecting to see Charlie’s dying appearance immediately, but he didn’t expect that a few screams of horror and pain suddenly came from the encircling men made up of more than ten masters!

Immediately afterwards, several people on the periphery of the encirclement circle flew out one after another!



“This kid, is he a human?!”

Accompanied by these few hoarse roars, several people flew out, and then fell heavily to the ground.

One of them flew to the feet of Eiki in a daze!

The subordinate was grabbed by Charlie’s in the neck and threw him out directly, so he lay heavily on Eiki’s feet, and with a bang, Eiki was startled!

Immediately afterwards, the man raised his head with great difficulty, his forehead was already full of blood!

The man looked at Eiki with extremely painful eyes, and said, “Young…Young master…”

Immediately after that, there was a pop, and a large cloud of blood mist was ejected from the mouth!

This large mass of blood mist was sprayed on Eiki’s vamp and trouser legs, and the white trousers were completely stained red with blood!

Eiki hurried back half a meter in fright, and saw that his subordinate said in great pain, “Mr….that [email protected]… so awesome… .”

After finishing talking, he lay down on the ground again with a loud boom, completely losing consciousness!

Eiki felt that his brain was instantly energized with high voltage!

what happened?!

These bodyguards are top masters! Even Master of Masters!

Why did he get down on the ground like a waste in front of that kid? !

Before he could understand the situation, several other people were also defeated by Charlie one after another!

These so-called masters fell to the ground one after another, just like a bowling pin that was hit by a bowling ball.

Suddenly, besides Charlie, only Eiki Takahashi stood alone.