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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1692 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1692 Start

Issac nodded: “If there is nothing wrong in the evening, let him go over and see.”

At noon, Charlie didn’t go anywhere.

He is not familiar with Tokyo, and he doesn’t have a lot of favor with this particularly prosperous modern city.

In contrast, he prefers Eastcliff. The city not only has advanced and prosperous modern high-rise buildings, but also has historical sites with hundreds or even thousands of years of history. The cultural atmosphere is very strong, and the foundation is much stronger than in Tokyo.

However, Charlie didn’t want to deprive others of the right to go shopping because he was not interested, so he sent Issac, Orvel and others out.

The group of people went to the bustling Ginza and Shinjuku for a whole afternoon, and when they came back, everyone had a good harvest, carrying a lot of big and small bags.

In the evening, Issac arranged for everyone to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant opened by one of his staff.

After eating, Charlie didn’t see anything important, so he said to Issac and Mr. Orvel: “You can move around freely for a while, and you don’t have to go around me.”

Mr. Orvel asked hurriedly, “Master, do you have any arrangements for a while?”

Charlie thought for a while and said, “I’ll go out and walk around by myself.”

Mr. Orvel smiled and asked, “Master, are you going to Fengyue Street? I heard that the g!rls on Fengyue Street in Japan are very punctual!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Forget it, I want to go to the University of Tokyo and walk around. You should go to Fengyue Street to enjoy it yourself.”

“To the University of Tokyo?” Orvel asked in surprise: “Master, what are you going to do there? It’s not your alma mater.”

Charlie said calmly: “It’s nothing, just want to go shopping, you don’t have to follow me.”

Issac hurriedly said, “Master, do you want me to send you a car?”

“No.” Charlie waved his hand and said, “After spending a day at Ichiro’s house, I want to take a walk.”

Seeing this, everyone no longer insisted.

Charlie came out and got into the subway station next to the building alone. After seeing the route map, he took the subway to the University of Tokyo.

He didn’t know why he suddenly wanted to go to the University of Tokyo. Thinking about it carefully, it might be because of Nanako.

Although the girl didn’t have much contact with him, she was still stubborn and distressed.

Charlie knew that she was not in Tokyo, but knew that she was a student of Tokyo University, so he wanted to take a walk and take a look where she went to school.

At the same time, a luxury business jet modified by Boeing 737 took off from Eastcliff Airport.

Zhifei, Zhiyu brother and sister, and more than a dozen of the Su family members departed to Tokyo together.

The Takahashi family, who had received the news in advance, was very excited about the decision of the Su family to meet them first. The main members of the family had already been waiting at Tokyo Narita Airport in advance.

At the same time, they also booked the best rooms in Tokyo’s most stylish hotel, Aman Hotel Tokyo, in accordance with Zhiyu’s requirements.

And Takehiko Ito also received the news. After learning that the representative of the Su family had to meet the Takahashi family first, he was furious.

Coupled with the fact that Charlie had taken 4.5 billion USD yesterday, it has been stuck in his mind. The two things superimposed on each other, making him even more angry.

After dropping more than a dozen pieces of precious porcelain in a row, he secretly vowed that if he didn’t get the chance to cooperate with the Su family this time, he would make Charlie pay double the price!