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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1691 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1691 Start

Zhiyu’s words made Zynn mad enough.

He pointed to Zhiyu, and said angrily: “You will also talk about this at home, dare to speak out to see if your grandpa scolds you or not!”

Zhiyu took out her cell phone and said with a smile: “Or I am now going to give grandpa a call and tell him again in person.”

“Hurry up and get it down!” Zynn hurriedly said: “It’s all right, I won’t talk nonsense with you, anyway, the horoscope hasn’t been written yet, you two Hurry up and study the matter of going to Japan, and then set off early!”

Zhifei said quickly: “Let’s do this, Dad, this matter is just as Zhiyu said. Let’s meet the Takahashi family first, and then Ito family, as the departure time of it, I think, try to get earlier, I am now ready to let the crew. What about starting immediately after lunch?”

Zynn nodded and said:”OK, you guys ready to seize the time to look at , After lunch, don’t leave in a hurry. Go and report to your grandfather first. Tell your grandpa about your plans and ideas. If he doesn’t have any comments, you are ready to set off!”

“Okay, dad.” Zhifei agreed, and then hurriedly winked at Zhiyu and said, “Zhiyu, let’s go.”

Zhiyu nodded and followed Zhifei out of father’s study.

As soon as he came out of the study, Zhifei blamed: “You girl really owe to Sara, why do you want to tell dad about Sara?”

Zhiyu chuckled, and said in a playful tone, “Why don’t you mention it? You must have been hiding in your heart. Do you really have to accept your fate and obey the family arrangements in the future?”

Zhifei sighed and said, “We are from this background, and we have everything we have on the day we were born. The only part of the feeling is that you don’t have autonomy. Don’t you know that? Why do you still choke those words with dad?”

“I’m happy.” Zhiyu said wantonly, and then rationalized it. With short hair and a resolute expression, she said, “Anyway, Zhiyu’s future will never be at the mercy of anyone!”

Zhifei shook his head helplessly: “Okay, I won’t talk to you about these meaningless things. This time we are going to Japan. It may take a few days. You can quickly prepare your luggage. After dinner, let’s go to Grandpa. Then, we’ll be ready to leave after the report.”

Zhiyu hummed, stretched, and said lazily: “Hey, it’s too early in the morning. I’ll get some sleep when I go back to the room. Come call me.”

Zhifei looked at her back and sighed heavily: “Auntie, I really will take you with me don’t worry.”

Tokyo, Japan at this moment.

Charlie had been lying down on the top terrace of Kobayashi’s house all morning.

Today, Paul is busy resolving the remaining lengthy legal documents with the local business department in Tokyo.

Liang and Ichiro first went to the production base of the company.

Although Qin Gang’s medicinal materials will not arrive until the evening, Liang still needs to find out about the production base first, and then arrange the work of transferring JX Weisan in advance.

In this way, after the medicinal materials arrive at night, he can start trial production directly overtime.

Therefore, Charlie became the most idle one.

So, he sat on the deck chair on the terrace, enjoying the unique scenery and cold wind from 100 meters above Tokyo.

Issac walked over at this time and said respectfully: “Master if you are idle, shall we go out in the afternoon? Ginza and Shinjuku in Tokyo are very famous.”

Charlie waved his hand: “I have nothing to do with shopping. You go with Mr. Orvel.”

Issac smiled and said: “I have something to go shopping with him, the Old Master, I guess is holding back his energy and wants to try Japanese Special Place.”

“Then let him Go.” Charlie smiled lightly: “That thing is considered legal here, so go if you want.”