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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1690 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1690 Start

Zynn on the side of them frowned and asked him, “Zhifei, do you have ideas about that girl from the Gu family?”

“No, Dad” Zhifei hurriedly waved his hand: “I just admire her, simple as that.”

Zynn nodded, paused for a while, and then said: “Gu’s girl is really good. If you really like her, I don’t have any objection. I’m just afraid that your grandpa won’t look down on Gu’s family, then it will be difficult.”

Zhifei Upon hearing this, was overjoyed, and blurted out, “Dad, are you really okay ?”

Zhiyu blurted out: “Brother, are you stupid? Can’t you hear that Dad is deliberately deceiving you?”

“Ah?!” Zhifei panicked, and hurriedly looked at Zynn: “Dad, what do you mean?”

Zynn sighed and said seriously: “Zhifei, you are not as smart as your sister!”

Zhifei suddenly became embarrassed.

Zynn had a face at this time, saying: “You are the son of the Su family and the third-generation heir of the future Su family, and the strength of the Gu family is really not enough in front of the our family. Your grandfather will definitely not agree to it, nor do I. You will agree, don’t forget, the girl from the Gu family has been engaged to Changying’s son since childhood, and I and Changying are at odds, and I will never let you marry the girl from the Gu family in future!”

Zhifei sighed: “Dad , When did that happen, the millet is old and rotten, besides, hasn’t Changying’s son have been missing for many years?”

Zynn looked at him and said solemnly, “Leave aside this matter. Your grandfather once discussed with me about your marriage. He even hopes that after completing the internationalization of the Su family, you can marry the eldest daughter of the top American family. This will be more beneficial to our overseas expansion. Domestically, it is no one who can deserve your.”

Zhifei was a little anxious and blurted out: “Dad, I don’t like American women.”

Zynn said solemnly: “This kind of thing has never been related to liking the word. It’s nothing more than a pair, understand?”

Zhifei was a little depressed at once.

Zhiyu on the side reminded him at this moment: “Dad, let me declare first, I don’t care how you arrange my brother, but no one is allowed to influence my marriage in the future!”

Zhifei exclaimed, “Hey, Zhiyu ! You just sold your brother like that?”

“No.” Zhiyu said calmly, “We are in different situations. If I find a man who can make my heart beat, I will marry him, from the Su family. Nothing has anything to do with me anymore. In the future, I will give birth to children without the surname Su, but you are different. You are going to inherit the Su family.”

Zhifei was speechless. The expression is very depressed.

Zynn looked at Zhiyu helplessly, and reminded: “The premise for you to find the object is that he has to be the right one!”

Zhiyu waved his hand: “What is the right one, does not exist, who is this lady fancy? Who, whether he is the king of heaven, or the trafficker.”

“Bull$hit!” Zynn said annoyedly: “In case he is really a pauper, what can you guarantee for your life’s happiness?”

Zhiyu curled her lips: “I don’t believe it. My dignified Su family, can’t afford a pauper?”