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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1682 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1682 Start

Although Nanako and Koichi Tanaka were separated by the phone, she blushed instantly at his words.

She vaguely explained: “Tanaka…you…you misunderstood, I…I didn’t…not to Mr. Charlie. ….. Heart is born…love…”

Hiroshi Tanaka sighed: “Miss, I have served the Ito family for many years and have been by your side for a long time. I still know you very well. You don’t have to hide things from me, and I don’t want to explore your privacy. The key is , If you can see your thoughts from the bottom of the page, the president will have the eyes of a torch, and it will be impossible to hide it. you will not see Mr. Charlie, but will leak your thoughts in front of the president… .”

“This…” Nanako was speechless.

She knew that Koichi Tanaka was out of good intentions, so he reminded her.

She also knows that her father, Ito Takehiko, would never allow herself to have any possibility of development with foreign men. He has made it clear to her countless times that he can only accept that she will marry a Japanese in the future, and it is purely Japanese not even someone of Japanese descent.

As for the others, even the immigrants from China and the Korean Peninsula one or two hundred years ago and those who have lived in Japan for three or four generations are not purely Japanese in his eyes.

Just like the chairman of the SoftBank Group that invested in Alibaba, Sun Masayoshi, although he is the richest man in Japan, in the eyes of Ito Takehiko, he is not Japanese at all.

Because Sun Masayoshi’s grandfather’s generation was originally from Daegu, South Korea.

Many years ago, Sun Masayoshi was born and raised in Japan when he immigrated from Daegu, South Korea to Japan to work as a miner.

In the eyes of most people, he is already a standard Japanese.

However, in the eyes of a nationalist like Takehiko Ito, Sun Masayoshi can only be regarded as a Korean Japanese at best.

This is like Americans who treat Chinese Americans like Chinese. Even if Chinese Americans have American citizenship, they are still regarded as Chinese in the eyes of some Americans.

It is precisely because Nanako knows her father very well that she is afraid of her hasty decision.

Koichi Tanaka is right. If she suddenly returns to Tokyo and insists on meeting Charlie, Ito Takehiko will definitely be very angry, and may even impose a foothold on Nanako, or even directly interfere with her freedom of marriage. Find her a marriage partner and force her to marry.

Thinking of this, Nanako was extremely disappointed, and she murmured: “Thank you Tanaka, I understand…”

Hiroshi Tanaka hurriedly asked: “Miss, will you return to Tokyo tomorrow?”

Nanako bit her lower lip lightly and remained silent for a long time. Then she said sadly: “I don’t want to go back, so as to avoid accidents, it won’t be good if I trouble Master Wade.”

Hiroshi Tanaka breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Miss is wise, now the president is very annoyed with Mr. Charlie. If it weren’t for the cooperation of the Su family at the moment, the president would have thought of a way to deal with him. , If you come to Tokyo to meet Mr. Charlie at this time, you will definitely add fuel to the fire…”

Nanako whispered, full of loss, “I know Tanaka, besides, can I ask you something?”

Hiroshi Tanaka said in a hurry: “Miss, if you have anything to do, please give orders!”

Nanako said: “If father’s conflict with Master Wade intensifies, please Tanaka must stop my father, and don’t do anything to hurt Master Wade because of his urgency…”

Hiroshi Tanaka said embarrassingly: “Miss, to be honest, Mr. Charlie now has president’s 4.5 billion USD. Even if you like him, you can’t turn your elbow out!”

Nanako said very seriously: “I am not trying to protect Master Wade, but to protect my father. The Ito family is not Master Wade’s opponent. If Master Wade is offended, there will be a disaster…”