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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1681 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1681 Start

Hiroshi Tanaka didn’t expect that after hearing the news of Charlie’s arrival in Japan, the young lady’s voice suddenly would become extremely excited.

He couldn’t help but secretly said, “Isn’t what I said just now is not clear enough? This Charlie is cheating your father for four and a half billion! Why do you seem to be excited when you hear that he is coming to Japan?”

However, Koichi Tanaka naturally did not dare to ask this question.

At this time, Nanako saw that he did not respond, and hurriedly asked him: “Tanaka, answer me quickly! Master Wade really came to Japan?”

Koichi Tanaka can only honestly say: “Yes, Miss, he came to Japan, he’s in Tokyo, I saw him today.”

Nanako asked, “He came to Japan, did you see him in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?”

“Yes.” Hiroshi Tanaka answered truthfully: “don’t know if the situation is too specific, but it should be to take Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.”

Nanako felt a little regretful, and thought to herself: “If Master Wade came to Japan just to receive Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, then he should only stay in Tokyo for a few days. After the business is finished, I am afraid he will return to China? He certainly won’t come to Kyoto, then I definitely won’t have the chance to see him…”

Thinking of this, Nanako suddenly had a very strong idea in his heart, she wanted to go to Tokyo, she wanted to see Charlie!

So she hurriedly asked Koichi Tanaka: “Tanaka, do you know Master Wade will stay in Tokyo for a few days?”

Hiroshi Tanaka said awkwardly: “Miss, don’t know this too well…”

Nanako hurriedly said, “I’ll let steward prepare and take the car to Tokyo tomorrow morning.”

“Back to Tokyo?” Tanaka asked, “Miss, didn’t you always want to cultivate your body in Kyoto? Why do you suddenly want to come back at this time? Is it…Is it for Mr. Charlie?”

“Yes!” Nanako blurted out without thinking, “I want to see Master Wade, if I don’t come back, I’m afraid there will be no chance!”

Tanaka Hiroshi suddenly realized that something seemed to be wrong.

He couldn’t help thinking in his heart:

“The eldest lady has always been extremely reserved, and has never been confused because of any opposite s3x.”

“But now, she is very excited about the news that Charlie came to Tokyo, and even plans to return to Tokyo to see him tomorrow morning. This is really abnormal…”

“Could it be…”

“Could it be that the eldest lady is already stunned by Charlie?!”

When Tanaka Hiroshi thought of this, his whole person was already shocked. He secretly said: “The eldest lady has always admired superior martial arts masters, and Charlie is also a master of masters. His strength is so staggering that she is really tempted by him. , It makes sense…”

“But… the president is a complete nationalist. He has made it clear that he will marry a young lady in the future to someone from Japan and she must not marry a man from any country. If the lady really likes Charlie, if it is known by the president, he will definitely be angry!”

At this point, Tanaka Hiroshi hurriedly said: “Miss, I can’t do anything!”

Nanako asked in surprise, “Why Tanaka?”

Hiroshi Tanaka blurted out: “If the president knows that you have a deep love for Mr. Charlie, he will definitely be very angry. Not only will he not see Mr. Charlie, but you may also even be forbidden by the president, and he may make faster your marriage plan!”