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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1680 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1680 Start

Thinking wildly, the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.

She took out her mobile phone and found that it was Hiroshi Tanaka who was calling, so she hurriedly put away her thoughts, connected to the phone and smiled: “Tanaka, why call me so late?”

Hiroshi Tanaka sighed and said, “Miss, something happened today. The president is very angry. He just smashed a lot of antiques in the house.”

Nanako felt nervous, and hurriedly asked, “Tanaka, what happened? Is father having any trouble?”

Koichi Tanaka said: “Today, the president took me to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, intending to sign a share agreement with the board of directors of the company. After the agreement was signed, the president and the financial staff sent 4.5 billion USD to the account of the company.” Then some people came in and the trouble began.

When Nanako heard this, she asked in a puzzled way: “Isn’t my father always wanting to invest in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals? Today this is what he wanted, so why is he angry?”

Hiroshi Tanaka said helplessly: “Before the president, the financial staff made the payment, we didn’t know that company had actually changed hands.”

“Changed ownership?” Nanako asked in surprise, “What’s the matter? Didn’t it mean that Jiro is missing? Is he back again?”

“No,” Koichi Tanaka explained: “It’s not Jiro who is back, but Jiro’s brother, who is said to have been dead, suddenly came back alive!”

“Huh?” Nanako said with a bit of sorrow: “What’s the matter? Why am I getting more and more confused?”

“Hey” Hiroshi Tanaka sighed and said, “This is nothing. The point is that Ichiro, as the sole heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, transferred all the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, 90% that is to b exact, to a Chinese company called JX Pharmaceuticals.”

Nanako was surprised and said: “Isn’t my father investing in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical for 30%? Then Ichiro only has Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 70% shares. How can he transfer 90% of the shares of the company?”

Hiroshi Tanaka said in a stunned voice: “This is the reason why the president is angry! He signed a share agreement with Masayoshi, the acting president of Pharmaceuticals, and paid after the signing, but Ichiro is back, which means The equity agreement signed by Masayoshi is invalid.”

Nanako nodded slightly and said, “So, my father’s plan to buy a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has been lost?”

“It’s more than an intention to fail,” Tanaka sighed: “The chairman of JX Pharmaceutical clearly told the president that Ito Co., Ltd. remitted the 4.5 billion USD to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he will not refund!”

“Ah?!” Nanako exclaimed, “How come there is such a shameless person? The act of holding shares is an equity transaction. When we pay, the other party must pay the corresponding shares. If the other party is unwilling to pay the shares, then it must return the money the same way, and even paying liquidated damages, why did the other party not give us shares and deduct our money?! This is too much, right?! Doesn’t he know law?”

Koichi Tanaka said very depressedly at this time: “Miss, the other party is simply an extrajudicial fanatic!”

“Extrajudicial fanatic?” Nanako frowned: “With the character of her father, it is impossible to be willing to suffer from this dumb loss, right? Does he have no countermeasures?”

Hiroshi Tanaka sighed: “Of course the president is not willing to suffer from this dumb loss. He originally wanted to fight the other party desperately, but he was persuaded by me. the president can’t offend him! Oh, right, speaking of it. You even know this person, Missy.”

“I know?” Nanako asked in surprise, “Who is he?”

Koichi Tanaka said: “That’s Aoxue’s coach, Charlie Wade who injured Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki with one palm!”

“What? Master Wade?!”

When Nanako heard this, she exclaimed in excitement, and blurted out: “Master Wade has come to Japan?!”