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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1678 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1678 Start

Now, 90% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares are all under the name of JX Pharmaceutical.

Because the next production work of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is of great importance, Charlie cannot leave Tokyo for the time being. He wants to ensure that all production lines of Kobayashi are successfully converted to JX Weisan before leaving Japan.

Therefore, the first production line to complete the conversion work is Kobayashi’s Tokyo production line.

Charlie asked Liang to take inventory of all the medicinal materials of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, count all the medicinal materials that can be used to produce JX Weisan, and then calculate how much other medicinal materials are needed based on the production capacity of the Tokyo production line.

After counting the demand, he immediately sent the list to Qin Gang, and asked him to immediately make arrangements to prepare these medicinal materials as soon as possible, and then quickly transport them to Tokyo by air.

At the same time, Liang had to count the medicinal materials needed by several other production lines, and send them to Qin Gang one after another, so that Qin Gang could prepare, and then send the prepared medicinal materials to other production bases.

After doing all this, Charlie and his party, led by Ichiro, came to the luxurious flat-floor villa of the Kobayashi family in central Tokyo.

Originally, Issac had arranged a hotel for Charlie, but because of Ichiro’s kind invitation, Charlie decided temporarily to stay at Ichiro’s house.

This flat-story villa of Ichiro’s is the entire top floor of an 80-story building. The indoor construction area alone is thousands of square meters. It is extremely luxurious. It also has exclusive use of the entire roof terrace and its own helipad. , Sky infinity swimming pool, can be said to be the ultimate luxury.

After nightfall, Charlie took a bath and called his wife Claire to report that he was safe. Then he stood alone on the large terrace on the top floor, watching the bustling night view of Tokyo, with thoughts flying.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is a key part of his energy accumulation.

If Kobayashi successfully converts all production to produce JX Weisan for him, then JX Weisan can be marketed worldwide in the shortest time.

Moreover, Charlie had already figured it out clearly that the price of his Weisan scattered in the domestic market would never be increased, and to give back to the domestic people with the greatest cost-effectiveness, but the price overseas must soar.

The selling price of retail terminals should be at least two to three times higher than RMB 100.

That is about sixty a box.

In this way, the net profit of each box is at least 30s.

Since JX Weisan can greatly relieve and treat many stomach diseases and discomforts, it will definitely become an essential medicine for every family in the future. Therefore, Charlie estimates that JX’s future income will increase rapidly at a rapid rate. , Maybe it can make tens of billions a year, and it’s still in USD.

If you develop a few other categories, it will really make a huge profit.

Charlie is not a greedy person. The main reason why he can’t wait to make more money is that he hopes to improve his overall strength as soon as possible.

The parents’ grievances have not yet been repaid. The many Eastcliff families that formed the anti-wade Alliance led by the Su family back then had to pay the price for the death of his parents.

Even the Wade Family bears a unshirkable responsibility in this matter.

Charlie knows very well that if he wants to oppose the entire Eastcliff family and make them surrender to him, the first thing is to improve his strength!

If one day, he can return to Eastcliff as the raptor crosses the river, then all Eastcliff’s families will tremble in front of him!