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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1677 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1677 Start

After Qin Gang hung up the phone, Aoxue next to him hurriedly asked curiously: “Dad, what did Master? Why did he call you?”

Qin Gang, who was still trapped in excitement and couldn’t help himself, took about a few seconds to recover, and said excitedly: “Aoxue! We Qin family, we are going to meet the great opportunity!”

Aoxue asked in surprise: “Dad, what great opportunity?”

Qin Gang was so excited that even his words were a little trembling, and said, “Master has annexed Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, saying that he will let the Qin family supply him with raw materials and medicinal materials. The demand for a year is almost One million tons!”

“Oh my God!” Aoxue exclaimed in a dumbfounded voice: “One million tons?! Our family now has a supply of about 200,000 tons a year, right?”

“Yes” Qin Gang said excitedly: “Master asked us to supply one million tons a year, and our Qin family’s revenue immediately doubled! Isn’t this a great opportunity?”

Aoxue nodded repeatedly, and said with gratitude: “Master has really taken good care of our family. He can think of us for everything. He has helped us so much, and don’t know how to repay his kindness.”

Qin Gang also agreed very much and said: “Master is the second parent of our Qin family. Whether the family can rise in the future depends entirely on Master!”

After speaking, he couldn’t help but look at Aoxue, and sighed: “Aoxue, Master is right, our family has had such a great kindness, and he will always take care of you like this, you have to hurry.”

What exactly did Aoxue’s father mean? Knowing that he wanted to hold on tight, in fact, he wanted to make her act faster and make substantial progress with Master.

She suddenly said with a little shame: “Dad, many things are not what I want to do. After all, Master has a wife. Although I like him, I still have more than enough energy.”

Qin Gang nodded, and then said earnestly: “Aoxue, otherwise, you will come forward to meet with Master for the supply of medicinal materials. Anyway, you are graduating this summer and you should enter the internship period soon. Now, just serve the Master’s pharmaceutical factory wholeheartedly! This way you will have more opportunities to get along with him.”

Aoxue thought for a moment, then nodded immediately: “Okay,dad!”

Like Nanako, she is already in her senior year this year.

There are basically no classes in the next semester of the senior year. After the Chinese New Year, she will enter the internship period.

At that time, almost all senior students will find a work unit to start an internship, and Aoxue is no exception.

She studied finance and management at the Aurous Hill Institute of Finance and Economics, and she was asked to cooperate with Charlie, which happened to be a professional counterpart.

Thinking of this, Aoxue couldn’t help but look forward to it.

She herself has always been melancholic for not having the opportunity to get along with Charlie often. If there is a work issue with Charlie in the future, it means that she will often have the opportunity to see him.

This made her feel very excited

Tokyo, Japan at this moment.

After Charlie’s killing of chickens and monkeys, the only remaining executives of the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical were as honest as sheep.

Ichiro also cooperated with Paul in the local commercial department in Tokyo to complete the transfer and change of the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.