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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1675 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1675 Start

In the afternoon, Charlie expelled nearly half of the entire staff of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in a desperate manner.

Originally, those people from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical were still thinking of using a strike to fight against Charlie, but he didn’t expect that Charlie was not at all soft to them, and they all fired them, leaving none.

This incident caused a huge earthquake in the Japanese business community!

First of all, no one thought that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, which is an excellently developed company, would change ownership. Now 90% of the shares have been transferred to a Chinese and it has become a Chinese company.

Secondly, no one thought that after Kobayashi became a Chinese company, it would kill half of its employees in one go!

In Japan, apart from bankruptcies, very few companies will suddenly expel so many people.

Especially for manufacturing companies like Kobayashi Pharmaceutical with nearly 10,000 employees.

If half of them are fired at once, four or five thousand people will be fired!

Moreover, except for the employees in the production positions, the R&D, promotion and sales positions were all laid off. This operation method makes everyone feel incredible.

In their view, this method of layoffs is tantamount to abolishing martial arts.

But Charlie didn’t care.

What he needs is not the brand of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, nor the reputation and patents. What he needs is only the production line of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

As long as Kobayashi Pharma honestly produces JX Weisan for him according to his requirements, that is the greatest value of Kobayashi Pharmacy at this stage.

The rest of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical that has not been expelled are all the people in charge of the production line.

Immediately afterwards, Charlie immediately held a meeting at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, appointing Liang as the general manager of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and Ichiro as the deputy general manager.

At the same time, Charlie also very clearly warned the remaining people in charge of the production line: “You people in charge of the production line will listen carefully. If you work for me honestly, listen to me and do things according to my instructions. Then your job can be retained and your income can be guaranteed. What I can promise you is to follow me honestly and I will make your income never lower than before.”

As he said, Charlie turned around and shouted sharply: “But! If anyone among you dares to play with me carefully, dare to fight against me, then I am sorry, I will immediately kick you out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”

When the people who stayed heard this, they immediately acted like tamed wild dogs, and honestly didn’t dare to say more.

When the group is angry, everyone wants to fight, because they feel that when everyone is tied together, Charlie must not dare to do anything to them. After all, he certainly does not want Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to be paralyzed suddenly.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that Charlie didn’t play cards according to the routine at all. Before everyone was tied together and confronted him, he had already driven out half of the people!

This immediately caused all the people who were evicted and their families into a serious economic crisis.

Therefore, how can the remaining group of people dare to have any thoughts of making troubles, to keep the job and to ensure that the salary is not lower than before, which is to ensure that their family life will not be affected in any way and let them completely relax.

At this time, how can they have the least thought of confrontation?

As a result, a group of people quickly surrendered and decided to continue working for Charlie’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.