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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1670 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1670 Start

The nervous little Makawa hurriedly cried and pleaded: “Mr. Charlie, I am a high-end talent in the field of biological preparations. If you fire me, it must be a huge loss for you. I beg you, Please keep me here. I will definitely work hard for you!”

Charlie said blankly, “I know you are begging me now? I’m sorry it’s too late. You must go through the resignation procedures within today. Otherwise, the company will directly end the labor relationship with you.”

After that, Charlie looked at Issac: “Kick him out for me.”

Issac nodded, and immediately stepped forward, grabbing Kobayashi Makawa by the collar like a chicken, and dragging him out.

At this moment, the others in the conference room finally realized the urgency of the situation.

Charlie has already obtained the equity transfer of Ichiro, and he is now the new boss of the company, so he holds the power of life and death for everyone present at the scene.

If you anger him, you will really be kicked out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!

As a result, everyone immediately stood on the spot like a quail, afraid to move, let alone speak.

Charlie said at this time: “To tell you the truth, I only need to keep the production links for the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, and all other links such as research and development, promotion, and sales can be eliminated!”

When this was outstanding, everyone was even scared to almost death.

Charlie continued: “The medicinal effect of JX Weisan relies on word-of-mouth communication. The real word-of-mouth medicinal effect is more effective than any kind of advertisement, so there is no need to leave a special promotion department;”

“The same is true for the sales department. JX Weisan is now in short supply, and dealers take the initiative to come to ask for goods, so there is no need for a special sales department to be responsible for sales in various regions.”

“Therefore, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s promotion and sales departments are all dissolved on the spot, and all employees and leaders are not left!”

The scene was in an uproar!

There are only a few major departments in total. As a result, all the other departments except the production department have to be killed now. Thousands of people will be unemployed!

Three-quarters of these Kobayashi Pharmaceutical executives at the scene will also lose their jobs!

Moreover, the current global economic situation is not so good. The middle-aged crisis is very serious. There are many middle-aged people across the world who have suffered layoffs and eventually jumped to commit suicide. This shows how stressful middle-aged people are now.

Most of the senior executives of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at the scene were between 35 and 55 years old. They belonged to a typical middle-aged group and suddenly lost their jobs. To them, it was like the sky had fallen!

The whole scene suddenly cried.

Most Japanese, like Americans, have typical hedonism in their consumption philosophy. They don’t like to save money but spend it as soon as they earn it. They are very keen on buying luxury houses, luxury cars, holiday villas and even yachts.

And their wives, not only do not usually make money, but also spend a lot of money, which intensifies the daily expenses of the family.

Studies have shown that Japanese women have a high demand for luxury per capita. For brand-name bags such as Chanel, lv or GUI, 90 Japanese women will have at least one, not to mention other luxuries.

Such a family, of course, is very smart when there is no accident, but once the family’s income collapses, it will immediately be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Many wealthy middle class immediately became negative equity holders after the economic crisis. They not only went bankrupt, but even became homeless. The reason is that they spend a lot of money but do not save money at all, resulting in poor risk resistance. .

This is also the case with most of these Kobayashi Pharmaceutical executives.

So Charlie’s announcement that they are unemployed is almost equivalent to announcing that their family finances are bankrupt.

Charlie has no sympathy for these wailing middle-aged people. Kobayashi will be his own company in the future and will never raise idle or worthless employees. Therefore, these people must be expelled, and expelled as soon as possible!