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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1669 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1669 Start

Objectively speaking, as a developed country, Japan has indeed made high achievements and achievements in many fields.

However, in terms of their medicine, in addition to Western medicine, almost all of the remaining line is copied from traditional medicine from elsewhere.

Among them, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Ota Pharmaceutical, and Dapeng Pharmaceutical are models. They search for prescriptions from traditional medicine classics.

For example, Dapeng Pharmaceutical once launched a so-called traditional medicine slimming granule, and the name they gave to this granule is actually the ancient Chinese genius doctor, Bianque.

This shows that these pharmaceutical companies have no real accomplishments in Kampo medicines, and they almost rely on plagiarism.

This is also the fundamental reason why Charlie dismissed their R&D department.

He has so many magical prescriptions on the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets, how can he use the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?

After Makawa was ridiculed by Charlie, his cheeks were hot.

Makawa Kobayashi knew exactly what happened to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Indeed, as Charlie said, all the prescriptions of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical are basically derived from ancient Chinese medical books.

So he felt blushing at this moment, but he didn’t know how to refute Charlie’s words.

Charlie looked at Makawa, and said coldly: “R&D personnel like you who can only plagiarize are of no value to me, so I announce that from now on, the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will be dissolved on the spot. Expelled, not leaving one!”


The people at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical were almost speechless in shock.

Is this Charlie not too ruthless?

We must know that there are more than 100 people in the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Behind these more than 100 people, there are more than 100 families.

Japan’s social environment is that only one person in the family goes out to work, and most of the husbands go out to work, and the wife raises the family and the children at home.

This situation has led to extremely high requirements for job stability in the families.

Generally speaking, most Japanese can work for a job for decades until retirement.

So for the Japanese, the most feared thing is unemployment.

Makawa Kobayashi was also shocked.

Although his previous income has not been low, his pressure is not small at all.

Tokyo’s housing prices are originally the highest in Asia. In the past few years, when Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was booming, he bought a large apartment in the urban area and repaid bank loans every month, which was more than 200,000.

In addition, he has two sons and a newly born daughter.

Plus his wife, a family of five, all depend on his income alone.

Originally, his income from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was very high, almost 700,000 a month, so his previous life was very comfortable, his wife and children also lived in the upper-class life, daily consumption is also very luxurious.

However, if he suddenly loses his job now, his family will immediately fall into a huge financial deficit, with a gap of at least RMB 500,000 per month. If they cannot find a job with more than RMB 500,000, the family will soon be overwhelmed.