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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1666 Free Novel

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Among them, Ito Takehiko was the most unacceptable. He angrily protested: “Charlie, you don’t talk about it here! I just signed a contract with Masayoshi, and used 4.5 billion USD in cash to buy 30% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares. ! I alone have 30%, so how can you get 90%? Isn’t this a daydream?”

Charlie sneered and asked him: “Mr. Ito, right? I ask you, what position is Masayoshi in this company? What right does he have to sign such an agreement with you?”

Ito Takehiko said coldly: “He is the acting president of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical! Since he is the acting president, he naturally has the right to sign a financing agreement!”

Charlie said contemptuously: “Should be nonsense here, who did his generation of president seal it? Did he seal it himself? There is something for him? The entire shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical are owned by Masao Kobayashi. Masao Kobayashi is dead. Ichiro and Jiro’s father. Jiro’s whereabouts are unknown now, so it’s all Ichiro’s. Why would Masayoshi make a decision for Ichiro and sell you 30% of the shares?”

Takehiko Ito angrily picked up the contract signed just now, and angrily scolded: “You can read it clearly. This contract is clearly written in black and white. I, the Ito family, own 30% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical! And I have already paid for it!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Charlie said blankly: “The person who signed this contract with you is not qualified to sign this contract at all, so this contract is invalid. You move yourself think about it, if I sign an agreement for you and sell you the entire Japanese island, will the entire Japanese island be yours?”

After speaking, Charlie took a copy of the equity transfer from Paul and threw it in front of Ito Takehiko, saying: “Come, see what is written on this, Ichiro has voluntarily incorporated 90% of the shares into JX Pharmaceutical Company, in black and white!”

“And you have to figure out one thing, Ichiro is the legal heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so this agreement in my hand is truly and legally valid!”

“As for your share, I’m sorry, but it’s just a pile of waste paper! Even if you ask your lawyers and judges, I believe they will not admit that your pile of waste paper has any practical meaning!”

“You…you are a hooligan!”

Ito Takehiko also collapsed.

He has been strong for a lifetime, and has never shown weakness in front of the Yamaguchi group, but he did not expect that he would meet a shameless person like Charlie here today!

However, he also knows that his two personal bodyguards are now useless, and he is not Charlie’s opponent at all. He can’t face him head-on, so he can only temporarily avoid his edge, then find a chance to take revenge, and think of other ways to get it. To the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

So, he protested indignantly: “Well, since you said Ichiro is the legal heir, then we step back and say, anyway, I have paid 4.5 billion USD. If you say that the contract is invalid, then you Just return the 4.5 billion USD to me immediately!”

Charlie asked in surprise: “Mr. Ito, what did you say? I didn’t hear clearly just now.”

Ito Takehiko said angrily: “I said you must immediately return to me the 4.5 billion USD in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s account!”

“Refund?” Charlie snorted and said contemptuously: “I’m sorry, Mr. Ito, you may not know something about me, I have always had an iron rule when walking around the rivers and lakes. don’t know if you hear me, or heard about it.”

Takehiko Ito gritted his teeth and asked, “What is the iron rule?!”

Charlie smiled and said: “The iron rule is, never refund!”