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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1665 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1665 Start

At this time, Masayoshi was 10,000 unconvinced.

It was so hard for him to get to an acting president, just about to take charge of the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he didn’t expect to wake up so soon!

So, he gritted his teeth and said: “Ichiro! Did you poison the old president? You haven’t completely cleared the suspicion of this matter! Even if Jiro recorded this video, it cannot prove that the murderer must be him! Who knows if you kidnapped Jiro and forced him to record this video?”

Having said that, he immediately looked at everyone and fanned the flames, and said: “Am I right?”

Everyone nodded.

Kobayashi found out that he had a mass foundation, so he immediately continued to aggressively say: “This matter must be handed over to the police for investigation. When the police say that Ichiro is no longer suspicious, and then will we hand over the rights of the shareholders meeting? Here you are, before that, you must not interfere with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in anything!”

As soon as Ichiro heard this, he ran away!

He kicked Masayoshi’s abdomen, and yelled, “Masayoshi, you f*cking tell me, are you shameless? According to Japanese law, I am the eldest son of the family and I should inherit the family business, and now my brother has also disappeared. I am the only legal heir to my father. The company he founded is naturally inherited by me. You are a hired worker who works in the company. Why are you shouting at me here?”

Thinking of the torture he suffered during this period of time, Ichiro was full of evil fire, and now Masayoshi still wants to prevent him from taking over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, this kind of man-armed car behavior makes him very angry!

So, he rushed up angrily to punch and kick at Masayoshi, and yelled: “Don’t look, what the hll are you? Have you ever seen a group of servants occupying the house and not letting the owner’s son live? Did you come in? How the hll dared to stop me back to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? I tell you, you are now officially fired by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, immediately get out of here!”

Masayoshi was beaten in various ways and grinned in pain. Although his heart was extremely angry, he was really frightened by Ichiro.

Ichiro’s words sounded rude, but what he said was reasonable and legal.

He was originally the first heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Even if he was suspected of murdering his biological father and the police convicted him and arrested him in prison, it would not be possible to deprive him of the right to inherit the estate.

What Masayoshi said sounds like awe-inspiring justice, but in fact it is a manifestation of not knowing the law at all.

Seeing that Masayoshi was beaten up, Charlie said: “Okay, continue the fight. If something happens to him, then you might really go to jail.”

Ichiro stopped then and said respectfully to Charlie: “I’m sorry, Mr. Charlie, I made you laugh.”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “You all listen to me. As the legal heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he has signed an equity transfer agreement with me. From now on, 90% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares are owned by me. The remaining 10% goes to Ichiro, so now I am the absolute majority shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.”

After that, Charlie waved to Paul: “Come on, Lawyer Paul, take out the copy of the contract and pass it on to them!”

Everyone at the scene was shocked upon hearing this.