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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1664 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1664 Start

Masayoshi angrily said: “You naturally want to monopolize Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so that’s why you killed the president!”

Ichiro scolded angrily: “Your dog’s brain is broken. You keep saying that I killed my father to save Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, but you keep your dog’s eyes open to see clearly, I am exclusive. After father died, who became the new president of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?!”

Everyone observed each other when he said this.

Ichiro was right.

After the death of the old chairman, Masao Kobayashi, it was Ichiro’s younger brother, Jiro, who succeeded the chairman.

Moreover, Jiro also spent a lot of money to get the head of Ichiro.

If this incident was really planned by Ichiro, is he too stupid? Not only did he not get any benefits, he even gave others a wedding gown, and even worse, after others put on the wedding gown, they wanted his life in turn…

Thinking of this, everyone suddenly realized that what happened back then might have something else hidden.

At this time, Masayoshi’s mood is very complicated.

First of all, he managed to get rid of Masao Kobayashi and Ichiro, and then missed Jiro and took the position of acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

But in a blink of an eye, Ichiro came back unscathed!

Isn’t this f*cking epic unluck?

The good life of co-working himself is just beginning to end? !

He was full of resentment, and said angrily: “Ichiro, you have left Kobayashi Pharmaceutical for a long time. The current Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has been fully exercised by the shareholders meeting, and you have not eliminated the murder of your biological father. We will not allow you to take the Re-in charge of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”

Ichiro was also furious, and he sternly reprimanded: “Uncle, you are my elder. I wanted to give you respect. I didn’t expect you to be so ignorant of good or bad! I am the real heir of the Kobayashi family, and the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. It was founded by my dad. You just follow part-time jobs and get a high salary. Why do you interfere with our family’s property? What the h*ll are you? Believe it or not, I will let you get out of the company now?!”

“You…you…you…” Masayoshi was scolded bloody, and trembling with anger, cursed: “You murderer of the father sc*m, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will never fall into your hands!”

During this period of time, Ichiro worked hard at Orvel’s kennel, and he was suffocated. He finally returned to Japan and returned to his own company. He didn’t expect that this man would dare to yell at him. He immediately became angry and went up and gave Masayoshi a slap in the face!

After working in the kennel for so long, Ichiro’s physical fitness has improved a lot. In addition, he is a mature man, and Masayoshi has been slapped with a slap.

All the members of the Kobayashi family present were horrified. Ichiro pointed to the bewildered Masayoshi and cursed: “Dog stuff, I will let you know today!”

After that, he looked at Charlie and bowed respectfully: “Mr. Charlie, please publish the video of Jiro’s confession to let them know the truth!”

Charlie nodded and winked at Mr. Orvel. Mr. Orvel immediately took out his phone and played the video of Jiro’s confession to everyone.

In the video, Jiro confessed in tears that his biological father, Masao Kobayashi, was killed by him, and he also admitted that he had spent a lot of money to hire someone to chase and kill his elder brother in an attempt to eliminate the trouble.

This completely subverted everyone’s understanding of the whole thing.

Masayoshi was also panicked. He now realized that Jiro might have been killed by Ichiro, and now this guy is going back to seize power!