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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1663 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1663 Start

“Ito Takehiko?”

Charlie frowned when he heard this, and asked Koichi Tanaka: “What is his relationship with Nanako?”

Hiroshi Tanaka hurriedly said: “Mr. Charlie, President Ito, is Miss Nanako’s father!”

Charlie suddenly realized.

He actually didn’t know much about the Ito family, except for Nanako, he didn’t know anyone else.

Hearing that the middle-aged Japanese man with a big back head turned out to be Nanako’s father, his expression eased slightly.

Afterwards, he looked at Ito Takehiko, and said lightly: “For the sake of your daughter’s face, I won’t be familiar with you this time. Since you are not from the Kobayashi family, then you don’t need to stay here and take your people and leave.”

Ito Takehiko’s face was pale with anger!

As the patriarch of the dignified Ito family, when did he receive such contempt?

Moreover, this young man’s tone was extremely proud, as if he was just taking care of his daughter’s face, so he didn’t care about himself. It was too much!

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said: “Boy, why do you say that this is your company? You also said that you are a major shareholder of this company? I tell you that I just signed a contract with the representative chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Officially acquired a 30% stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”

“Oh?” Charlie said with a smile: “Which representative chairman has this right to sign a contract with you on behalf of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?”

Masayoshi stood up and said, “I am the acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. All shareholders clearly agreed to Mr. Ito’s shareholding in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Why are you an outsider interfering? Besides, you in this company have nothing to do. If you don’t leave, I will call the police!”

Charlie smiled: “I have nothing to do with this company? Come here, I will introduce you to an old acquaintance.”

After that, he clapped his hands and shouted outside the door: “Come on, invite Mr. Kobayashi in!”

Issac and Mr. Orvel immediately took Ichiro and walked into the meeting room.

When Ichiro entered the meeting room, everyone was stunned in shock!

“This…this…isn’t this Ichiro?!”

“Isn’t he dead?!”

“Yes! Jiro issued a kill order before and ordered his life to avenge the old president!”

There were a lot of discussions.

Ichiro’s expression was a bit ugly at this time, and he said coldly: “I tell you, you are all deceived by that [email protected] Jiro! I didn’t poison my father to death at all, but he was poisoned to death and then blamed on me! In order to monopolize Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he also spent a lot of money and wanted to take my life!”

“Impossible!” Masayoshi said coldly: “I know exactly how the president died! You said that you got a magic medicine from China that would make the president stand up again, and the president was excited, he took Jiro and me to the airport to wait. After the medicine was delivered, the president died suddenly after taking the medicine. Do you dare to deny it?!”

Ichiro gritted his teeth and said: “I did get the magic drug at the beginning, but Jiro arranged for the magic drug to be dropped! You don’t even think about it, why should I kill my father?”