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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1659 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1659 Start

At this moment, Tanaka felt that his worldview had been subverted.

The six generations of the famous Yamaguchi team died at the hands of a ninjutsu master, which is too legendary.

However, he did not dare to have any doubts about Ito’s words.

Because he knows Takehiko Ito’s character very well, this person never says anything that is unsure.

If he says that, it must be that he has some special way to confirm that the facts are indeed what he said.

Even Koichi Tanaka suspected that there might be a master of ninjutsu in the Ito family.

However, he didn’t ask much about it.

Because he knows that there are some questions he should not ask, and some things he should not know.

As the assistant of the Ito family and the confidant of Ito Takehiko, what he has to do is to serve Ito Takehiko well. Do not say a word about what you should ask and what should not be asked.

Therefore, he respectfully said to Ito Takehiko: “I’m ignorant and ignorant completely. I didn’t expect the legendary ninjutsu master to actually exist…”

Ito Takehiko nodded gently, and sighed: “It’s a pity that Mr. Ninjutsu is good at killing people invisible, not good at curing diseases and saving people. Otherwise, Nanako would not have to endure so much pain.”

After that, he sighed and waved his hand again: “Don’t talk about it, I will arrive at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical later. After signing this contract, it is considered to be a worry for me. You will follow me tomorrow. For a trip to Kyoto, I want to put aside my business and return to Kyoto to accompany Nanako for a few days.”

“Sure Lord!”


At this time, Charlie was still on his way to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

After all, the airport is still a little far away from Kobayashi’s, not as convenient as Ito Takehiko.

Therefore, Ito Takehiko and his party arrived at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical one step ahead of Charlie.

In the executive meeting room of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Masayoshi Kobayashi had already instructed everyone not to mention anything about JX Weisan, and first get the money from the Ito family.

If after the investment of the Ito family, it is discovered that JX Weisan suddenly emerges, then the Kobayashi family will have to unify their slogans. If they ask, they will say that they don’t know, and the relationship will be cleaned up so that the Ito family will not be accountable.

After all, it’s just playing the Ito family.

Ito Takehiko didn’t know this. When he stepped into the meeting room, the entire management of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals all stood up and applauded. They all respected him, making him immediately feel that his face was greatly respected.

Masayoshi Kobayashi even surrendered the chairmanship of the conference room and said to Takehiko Ito: “Chairman Ito, please sit down!”

Ito nodded in satisfaction, sat down in the chair, and said with a smile: “I have always wanted to visit you, but there has never been a suitable opportunity. I see you here today. It is really a talent!”

Everyone was full of joy when they saw that Ito Takehiko gave everyone such a high evaluation. At this time, looking at Ito Takehiko’s expression, it was completely like watching a boy who lost money.