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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1658 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1658 Start

Now, Nanako is recuperating in Kyoto, and Hiroshi Tanaka went to China to seek medicine for her a few days ago, but there was no progress, so he returned to Tokyo to return to life with Takehiko Ito, and then stayed in Tokyo.

In addition to the Lexus extension sedan Ito took, there were ten bodyguards, divided into two Lexus off-road vehicles, one after the other protecting Ito Takehiko’s car. The three vehicles formed a convoy and drove to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

In the car, Ito Takehiko looked very excited. He analyzed the financial reports and market sales of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in the past two years and felt that the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals is very broad. It is definitely the best time to invest in shares now.

Therefore, in his view, the US$4.5 billion investment in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is like planting a large piece of gold in a magical land, and the future harvest will be at least 15 billion USD!

15 billion USD, converted to Japanese yen, more than 150 billion, converted to RMB, more than 100 billion!

No one can hold back the excitement of such a large amount of wealth.

While he was excited, Ito could not help but sigh, and said with emotion: “don’t know what happened to Jiro. What a great living person, how can I say that he disappeared?”

Koichi Tanaka also couldn’t figure it out, and said: “Before the young lady participated in the finals, Jiro also came to visit him, saying that he must go to see the young lady’s competition, and look forward to awarding the young lady after the final…”

“But on the day of the final, Jiro did not appear at the competition. Originally, he was still the guest of the final, but because he was absent for no reason, the organizer temporarily invited other people to present the award…”

“I have always felt that this matter is a bit inexplicable. It stands to reason that Jiro’s thoughts about the eldest lady are absolutely impossible for him to miss the final.”

Ito Xiuhiko sighed: “I wanted to get him to be son-in-law, but I didn’t expect him to disappear…”

After speaking, he said with a bit of melancholy on his face: “Nanako’s physical condition is not very good now. don’t know when and how long will it be to return to the original…”

Hiroshi Tanaka hurriedly said: “President, I have asked someone to help contact an American expert, and see if I can ask him to come over and give the lady a consultation.”

“Yeah.” Ito nodded earnestly: “Be sure to bring in the best experts in the world, no matter how much money is spent, you will not hesitate!”

Koichi Tanaka asked again: “President, what about Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki? The doctors in Tokyo are also helpless about the injury. Would you like to ask an expert from the United States to come and see?”

Ito Takehiko waved his hand in disgust: “Forget it, it’s a waste, it’s not worth putting too much energy into him. If he is really capable, Nanako won’t be hurt so badly!”

Hiroshi Tanaka said in a hurry: “Mr. President, in fact, Mr. Yamamoto can’t be blamed for this matter. The main reason is that the coach of the opponent’s side was formidable…”

“Formidable?” Ito snorted and said disdainfully: “Tanaka, you may have some misunderstanding of the word formidable! I tell you that the truly powerful is not karate at all, but our Japanese ninjutsu and Onmyoji, this is the real great supernatural power, the karate of Yamamoto Kazuki is nothing more than an ordinary person’s fake style and fancy!”

Hiroshi Tanaka asked in surprise: “Guild President, do ninjutsu and onmyoji really exist?”

Ito Takehiko said indifferently: “Tanaka, ninjutsu and onmyoji are the national martial arts of Japan, especially ninjutsu. Even Westerners are obsessed with it. Why do you still doubt it?”

Hiroshi Tanaka said embarrassingly: “My President, I’ve been to Iga City, the hometown of ninjutsu, several times before, and I have seen ninjutsu performances there. I always feel that ninjutsu is a bit like a combination of acrobatics and magic. significance.”

Takehiko Ito snorted and said with some sarcasm: “You, it’s the frog at the bottom of the well, I tell you, true ninjutsu is no different from what is said in the legend, but now there are few true ninjas. Few, most of them are meticulously enshrined by top families. To the big families, they are like nuclear weapons. No family will take the initiative to expose them!”

Having said that, he sneered and said: “Some time ago, the sixth generation of Yamaguchi group died inexplicably in his own heavily guarded Hokkaido hot spring palace. Do you know this?”

Koichi Tanaka nodded immediately: “This matter is almost unknown to everyone in Japan. It has been reported on TV that he died of a cerebral hemorrhage.”

“Cerebral hemorrhage?” Takehiko Ito coldly snorted: “It’s just a slander from the outside world. In fact, he died at the hands of a ninjutsu master!”