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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1657 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1657 Start

In fact, what Kobayashi said is true.

There is a certain information gap between Takehiko Ito and him.

At this time, Ito Takehiko thought that Kobayashi’s stomach med was invincible. At this time, grabbing Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was equivalent to grabbing a profitable train.

However, Masayoshi Kobayashi and other members of the Kobayashi family now know about the existence of JX Pharmaceutical.

Knowing that at this moment, in China and in Aurous Hill, there is a Weisan that is popular in China. The efficacy of this Weisan is much stronger than that of Kobayashi Weisan.

Therefore, when Kobayashi Masayoshi expressed his concerns, others changed their minds almost immediately.

Just now they thought that Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals must have a valuation of at least 20 billion, and 15 billion USD is absolutely impossible to accept.

But now they suddenly realized that there are still people willing to offer a valuation of 15 billion USD, which is already very rare.

If JX Weisan successfully crosses Japan eastward, the valuation of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will be greatly reduced.

As a result, everyone together almost immediately supported Kobayashi Masayoshi’s decision one-sidedly.

Kobayashi was very excited.

As long as the agreement is signed with the Ito family, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will immediately receive a capital injection of 4.5 billion USD, and he will also receive 500 million USD in remuneration.

In this way, he suddenly became a super-rich man!

As for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, even if it will go bankrupt in the future, it has nothing to do with him. US$500 million is almost equivalent to more than 50 billion yen, which is enough for him to live a life in style.

So, he immediately notified Ito Takehiko to go to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, strike the iron while it was hot, and sign the contract on the spot.

After hearing this news, Ito Takehiko was very excited.

He felt that he had bought Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at a low price and could earn at least three or four times more in the future, so he almost immediately took his assistants and lawyers and went straight to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical without stopping.

Because the two companies are both located near Ginza, Tokyo, and both are located in Tokyo’s most prosperous commercial area, the distance is not too far, only ten minutes away by car.

Kobayashi Masayoshi was overjoyed and said to everyone in the family: “Mr. Takehiko Ito will come over and sign a contract with us. After the contract is signed, 4.5 billion USD will be paid to our account. In this way, we will have enough money, to deal with the next impact of JX Pharmaceutical on us!”

Everyone immediately beamed with joy.

The US $4.5 billion is indeed an astronomical figure. With so much money, even if Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals loses the US $100 million each year, it is enough to last for 45 years.

In this case, these senior executives can stay in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., even if Kobayashi Pharmaceutical suffers a huge impact, the money on the books will enable them to live well with food for many years.


At this moment, Takehiko Ito walked out of the luxurious office building of the Ito family with high spirits and got into his Lexus car.

Following him were his two bodyguards and an assistant, and this assistant was Koichi Tanaka who had followed Nanako before.

Koichi Tanaka was originally Ito Takehiko’s confidant. Some time ago, the reason why he let him go to China to participate in the competition with Nanako was because he was not at ease, so he let the person he trusted the most to accompany her all the way.