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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1656 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1656 Start

Kobayashi’s Weisan is the flagship product of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and most of its revenue and profits are supported by this medicine.

If it is really beaten by JX Weisan, then Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s vitality will definitely be greatly injured.

So someone asked Masayoshi Kobayashi: “President, we can’t just wait and die like this! Do you have any good solutions?”

Kobayashi Masayoshi said: “There is also a way to deal with it, that is, we must increase investment in drug research and development, and we must quickly upgrade our current products. If our Kobayashi Weisan can surpass JX in terms of efficacy. Stomach market must still be ours!”

The person in charge of R&D opened the mouth and said: “My lord, if you want to increase investment in R&D, you need a huge budget. The company was sacked of a lot of money some time ago. Can it still afford it now?”

Masayoshi Kobayashi said smoothly: “This is what I’m about to tell you. Our current cash flow is not very good. The investment in the production base in Osaka costs a lot, coupled with the previous accidental losses, which leads us to get it now. The funds invested in research and development are already less than 50 million USD, so my idea is to raise a fund as soon as possible, with at least one billion USD to upgrade our drug R&D laboratory!”

When everyone heard that they were going to raise funds, they all sat up straight. Some people asked, “My lord, do you have a suitable financing partner?”

Masayoshi Kobayashi nodded and said, “Before, Chairman Jiro had been negotiating with Mr. Takehiko Ito, the patriarch of the Ito family, about financing. Surely everyone knows about this?”

Everyone nodded.

Jiro has always wanted to take Ito’s investment, and even wanted to become Ito’s son-in-law, otherwise he would not spend money to name Nanako in the Sanda competition, which has long been known by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Even, everyone is ready for the marriage between Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and the Ito family. Unfortunately, Jiro disappeared before the marriage was officially advanced.

Everyone thought that the cooperation with the Ito family would be terminated, but they did not expect that Masayoshi Kobayashi would now start cooperation with the Ito family.

As a result, everyone immediately became interested and asked excitedly: “Sir, don’t know what kind of valuation the Ito family can give us?”

Masayoshi Kobayashi cleared his throat and said, “Mr. Takehiko Ito of the Ito family is willing to invest US$4.5 billion in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at a valuation of US$15 billion, which will account for 30% of Kobayashi’s total shares after the investment!”

“Valued at 15 billion USD?!”

Everyone couldn’t help but talk.

In the beginning, Jiro and Ito Takehiko talked about it, but it was not the price.

At that time, Jiro greeted everyone, and his valuation figure was at least US$20 billion.

Why is it suddenly lowered so much now!

Someone questioned: “Mr. President, the Ito family’s previous offer was not so low, why did it shrink so much?”

Someone said, “Yeah! At least 22 billion USD is appropriate? A valuation of 15 billion USD is nothing short of robbery…”

Kobayashi Masayoshi’s expression was a bit ugly, and he said: “You have to figure out that we are facing internal and external troubles. It is not just that the president has disappeared for no reason. Another Weisan has appeared in China. If we don’t hurry up and raise funds at this time, If we wait for JX Weisan to catch us by surprise, then our performance will drop significantly, let alone a valuation of 15 billion USD, even if it is 10 billion USD, it is impossible to get it!”