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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1650 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1650 Start

Charlie woke up early the next morning.

In fact, he didn’t sleep well this night.

Don’t know why, as long as he closed his eyes, he couldn’t help but think of Nanako.

During this period of time, there have been many women around Charlie.

Whether it was Warnia, Aoxue, or Zhovia, Xiaofen, and Sara, although these women more or less made him feel a little heart-stirring, none of them made him feel distressed like Nanako.

After Sara waited for so many years and found him after all after so many years, Charlie was indeed very guilty, but, Sara was born into a big family and was loved by her parents in every possible way.

After adulthood, she became an internationally renowned star, and was sought after and loved by countless people.

Even without him, her life is very wonderful, very rich, and very happy.

But Nanako is different.

Although she was also born in a rich family and was loved by her family, she was indeed injured too badly in the fight with Aoxue.

Suffering such a serious injury, the double blow to the body and spirit is absolutely impossible for an ordinary girl to experience in her lifetime.

Moreover, Charlie can also imagine that although she is out of danger now, she must be tortured by injuries all the time. This feeling must be very painful.

And she could not have played this game.

However, she did everything to make him admire.

Even in the last match against Aoxue, she waited for a chance to win with one move in order to make him notice her, even if she was injured.

Charlie knew very well that if it wasn’t for him, how could that silly girl be injured so badly?

It is precisely because of this that he always feels distressed for how she looked when she was injured.

Charlie also reflected on that, as a married man, he should not feel sorry for other women, let alone a her.

However, that kind of mood is completely beyond his control.

After washing, Charlie quietly left the bedroom without waking Claire, who was still asleep.

At this time, Issac had taken his entourage and waited at the door of Tomson.

Charlie went downstairs and saw that Jacob and Elaine hadn’t gotten up, so he left a note, and then hurried out of the house.

At the door of Tomson.

Several Rolls-Royce cars parked side by side. As soon as Charlie came out, Issac and his men all got out of the car, bowed respectfully to him, and said in unison: “Master!”

Charlie nodded and got into the same car with Issac.

As soon as he got on, Issac immediately said to Charlie: “Master Paul and Liang are all going by themselves. Mr. Orvel and Ichiro walked past the kennel. We only need to meet them at the airport, the plane and the crew personnel are all ready, and they will leave at any time after we arrive!”

Charlie said, the biggest difference between private jets and ordinary civil aviation flights is that the time is relatively free. As long as you apply for today’s flight route, you can theoretically depart at any time.

There is an idea in his subconscious mind now, that is to go to Tokyo to get things done, and then rush all the way to Kyoto.

Don’t know why, Nanako has become a curse in his heart, always emerging and constantly affecting his emotions.

He felt that this might be mainly because he felt a bit of sympathy for Nanako’s experience, and if he cured her by himself, this demon would naturally be eliminated.

As a result, he said to Issac a little impatiently: “Okay, time is waiting for no one, hurry”