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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1646 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1646 Start

Mr. Orvel nodded immediately and said, “No problem, Master! Orvel will listen to your instructions!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said to Issac: “Old man, Mr. Orvel is with us, Paul from Smith Law Firm, and Ichiro from the Kobayashi family, please let the crew prepare.”

“OK Master! I’ll make arrangements!”

At this time, the brothers Ichiro and Jiro also recorded their own back-to-back videos.

Later, the two were brought back by Orvel’s men.

Charlie looked at the two and said lightly: “Ichiro, you have a good rest today. Tomorrow Mr. Orvel will take you to the airport, but I will warn you in advance. Please be careful along the way. Don’t think that coming to Japan is like Back at your home court, if you dare to have any disobedience, I will definitely not spare you.”

Ichiro nodded like garlic: “Mr. Charlie, don’t worry, I will die, but I won’t disobey you…”

Charlie gave a hum, then looked at Jiro, and said lightly: “Jiro, you just stay here, Mr. Orvel’s men will make you eat and drink well. Apart from work, you will have the rest. You can pray for a while, and pray that something will happen to your eldest brother, so that you have a chance to return to Japan.”

Hearing this, Ichiro waved his hands in fright: “Mr. Charlie, you don’t need to worry about anything, I will never cause anything. Jiro, the [email protected], will never have the chance to leave this kennel in this life!”

Jiro gritted his teeth angrily.

However, now that Ichiro became Charlie’s first choice, he could only honestly be a spare tire.

What is a spare tire?

If there are no problems with the tires being used, no air leaks, and no punctures, the spare tire will never have the opportunity to be employed.

Thinking of this, the hatred in his heart for his eldest brother is even deeper.

If it weren’t for so many people here, he would have liked to rush up now and strangle this big brother to death with his arm!

Seeing that the brothers were hostile and jealous of each other, Charlie was very satisfied.

What he wants is such an effect, allowing them to deter and check and balance each other.

In this way, none of them dare to make trouble with him, and can only honestly let themselves be at his mercy and be his puppets.

Thinking of this, Charlie stood up and said to Orvel, “Mr. Orvel, starting from tomorrow, we will strengthen the guard of the kennel. We must take care of Jiro, and he’s not allowed to go on business trips!”

Mr. Orvel immediately nodded and said, “Master, you can rest assured that there are more than 20 guards here, and dozens of the most ferocious purebred hounds. One bite of a dog and Jiro’s small body is gone, tomorrow I will transfer ten more subordinates to come and surround this place into an iron bucket, there will never be any business trips!”

Charlie smiled and said: “Okay, your style of doing things has become more and more appetizing to me, but you should also pay attention to it. If he is disobedient and you really let the dog bite, don’t let the dog bite him to death. It’s a good thing to keep him alive.”

Orvel looked at Jiro and smiled sullenly: “If this kid dares to run, I will let my snow mastiff bite his stuff first!”