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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 16 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 16 Start

Sabrina hugged her shoulders and said proudly: “I just look down on you, why? You are not allowed to talk about it?”

“University classmates who didn’t know that you went to be a live-in son-in-law after graduation? When you were in school, you couldn’t afford to eat, and when you graduated you are eating leftovers, you still have the face to ask me for help?

A bit of anger surged in Charlie’s heart.

People do not offend him, He does not offend people, Sabrina is really too much this time!

At this moment, he suddenly received a text message from Stephen Thompson on his cell phone: “Mr. Wade, Shangri-La, is the property of our Wade Group. Shangri-La in Aurous Hill is just one of our more than 100 Shangri-La units.”.

Charlie’s pupils shrank suddenly!

Shangri-La belongs to the Wade family?

He subconsciously responded to the text message: “Aren’t you lying to me?”

Stephen Thompson said: “The person in charge of Aurous Hill Shangri-La is named Issac Craven and his phone number is 155. You call him and he will take care of everything.”

“Is it Okay?”

Seeing that Charlie kept low hair text messages made Sabrina very depressed.

She felt like she was abusing the dog, of course she wanted to hear the dog barking twice.

But unexpectedly, Charlie didn’t say a word.

It seems that this Class monitor, who was very stubborn when he was in college, is still so stubborn and indifferent to being scolded.

So she increased her firepower and sneered: “Oh, Class monitor, you can really bear it!”

“By the way, I heard people say that you and Claire had been married for three years and you haven’t gotten into her bed. Could it be that Claire was the mistress of others? Wouldn’t you just be a pretence for her to be someone else’s junior? Right? Hahaha!”

Charlie frowned.

It’s all about insulting me, but also insulting my wife?

Sabrina, you are looking for death by yourself!

So, he dialed the phone number of Issac Craven, the person in charge of Shangri-La, looked at Sabrina, and said indifferently: “I want to ask your person in charge, how does Shangri-La recruit employees? Even someone with mouth full of dung, can they still be recruited?”

“Dare to scold me? Are you tired of life!” Sabrina immediately exploded her hair and shouted at the security guard beside her: “He is here to insult me, give him a beating!”

At this time, Charlie had already dialed the phone.

“Hey, who.”

On the phone, a man’s coercive voice came.

Charlie asked coldly: “Are you Issac Craven? My name is Charlie Wade. I’m at the door of Shangri-La now. I will give you one minute to get down, or you will get out of Shangri-La in the future!”

The man on the phone who was still full of momentum suddenly asked: “Young Mr. Wade? Are you really at the door of Shangri-La?”

Charlie said coldly: “You still have fifty seconds!”

The other party seemed frightened and blurted out: “Wait a minute, I’m here!”

Sabrina laughed angrily by Charlie’s phone call, and said sarcastically: “Charlie, I didn’t expect you to brag like this? Do you know the identity of President Issac? The two top members of Shangri La did not dare to act in front of President Issac. Do you think you can bluff me by pretending to make a call?”

Charlie said lightly, “Is it bluffing you? You’ll know after 30 seconds!”

Sabrina laughed loudly: “Okay, Class monitor Wade, then I will wait with you for 30 seconds! Oh no, I will wait with you for three minutes! If they don’t come out for three minutes, I will let the security guard tear your mouth. Look at how you brag in the future! Hahaha! You really laugh at me!”

Twenty seconds.

A middle-aged man wearing a top-level customized suit ran out in a panic.

He is a dog of the Wade family and a very powerful dog.

Since he took office in Aurous Hill and became the head of Shangri-La, he has been one of the most respected existences in city. When has he been so flustered?

However, he had to panic, and never dreamed that the young master would appear in Shangri-La where he was in charge.

Sabrina was about to continue to ridicule Charlie, when she suddenly saw the security guards around her looking behind her with horror.

When she turned her head subconsciously, she suddenly discovered that President Issac was running out of it, and she was suddenly struck by lightning.

Immediately, she looked at Charlie, her eyes full of horror: “How is this possible?”

“Who is Mr. Charlie?!”

Issac Craven’s voice was trembling.

The people were stunned, and Mr. Issac, who was able to bring the Aurous Hill earthquakes by stomping his feet, changed his voice in a panic at this moment!

Charlie said at this moment: “I am!”

Issac Craven rushed to the front immediately, bowed and said: “Master”

Before he finished speaking, Charlie immediately said: “Mr. Issac, don’t say something outside.”

When Issac Craven heard this, his whole body trembled in shock.

d*mn, I am a stupid dog! The identity of the young master must be highly confidential, and he almost called out. If the young master blamed him for that, wouldn’t he be finished?

So he hurriedly changed his name, but still respectfully said: “Mr. Charlie, you are welcome to Shangri-La. Please move to my office to talk.”

Sabrina was already frightened, she couldn’t accept this reality, but it really happened in front of her eyes.

What is the origin of Charlie? How can the bosses of Shangri-La treat him respectfully?

She ridiculed him just now, shouldn’t he hold grudges?