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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 159 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 159 Start

After leaving Qin’s house, Mr. Jinghai immediately made up his wishful thinking.

He naturally wanted Charlie to avenge him, and he wanted to take back the clams that Charlie had stolen, but this was not enough!

When he came to Aurous Hill this time, he also wanted to establish a prestige in Aurous Hill, recruit a group of believers, and provide more support to his career.

Therefore, he planned a game that he thought was the best of both worlds.

Think of Charlie as the key to killing the chicken and the monkey and letting the whole Aurous Hill surrender!

Charlie didn’t know that the so-called Mr. Jinghai was planning to use himself to sacrifice the flag.

In the evening, he was preparing to buy vegetables and cook when he suddenly received a call from Warnia.

After picking it up, Warnia had a serious tone and said directly to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, that Mr. Jinghai invited some masters in antiques, feng shui, and metaphysics to hold a banquet at White’s house. Ask me if you have time to go there?”

“White family? Which type of family is it?”

Warnia said: “A middle-class family. They have two male descendants, Gerald and Fred White.”

“Both of them? How could they be elected to his house?” Charlie asked strangely.

Warnia explained: “Recently, the White family has not been going well. The son Fred White and nephew Gerald have had troubles one after another. The White family’s career has also plummeted. Therefore, the White family’s head begged Mr. Jinghai and wanted him to change the feng shui of the White family.”

While speaking, Warnia continued: “But I think Mr. Jinghai has invited a bunch of metaphysical masters. It may not be as simple as trying to earn some money from the White family. There may be other thoughts.”

Charlie smiled and said nonchalantly: “I snatched the clam at the auction and choked him. I am sure that he wants to retaliate against me. It is estimated that this time he set up a set for me. Right!”

With a slight smile, Charlie said again: “But I will go this time and see face to face what tricks he wants to play.”

Warnia saw that he agreed and said, “That’s it, the place is at White’s house. Tomorrow morning, let’s go together. I will drive to pick you up.”


Early the next morning, Warnia drove to pick up Charlie and went to White’s house.

White’s villa is located on the mountainside in the suburbs with beautiful scenery.

The pavilions in this area were all built into antique buildings. The White family spent hundreds of millions to decorate them. They are usually used to receive distinguished guests or entertain friends.

Outside the pavilion by the lake, there are dozens of yellow rosewood chairs. A dozen invited guests have sat down and communicating with each other, and laughter came from time to time.

Sitting in the main seat is a fat middle-aged man. He is Fred White’s father, Solmon White.

And sitting beside him was Mr. Jinghai.

In addition to these two people, Charlie also met two acquaintances, Tailai, the richest man in Haicheng, and Guo Ming who followed him.

Seeing Charlie coming in, Tailai nodded to Charlie.

Solmon White glanced at him sideways and snorted coldly.

Obviously he also knew that Fred and Gerald had suffered a loss at Charlie’s hands, so seeing Charlie, he didn’t have a good face.

Fungui Bao quickly stood up to greet him and said, “Mr. Charlie, Miss Song, you are here.”