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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 158 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 158 Start

“You shut up.” Qin Gang glared at Steven, then turned and respectfully said to Master Jinghai: “Thank you for your advice, I will definitely pay attention to it in the future.”

Mr. Jinghai nodded meaningfully, got up and left.

As soon as Master Jinghai left, Steven immediately said: “Second Uncle, Mr. Jinghai is a well-known master of Xuanjitang. How can a liar like Charlie can be compare to him? This time, Mr. Jinghai will solve all the problems in our family. Yes, it doesn’t cost a penny!”

“Mr. Jinghai didn’t charge any money, but Charlie cheated our family a lot of money. He spent 100 million and took a piece of a broken shell. This is a scam! You are too naive, how can you give him so much money? If this spreads out, people in Aurous Hill won’t call us Qin family fools?”

Qin Gang was silent, but his face was already suspicious.

Mr. Jinghai’s reputation is indeed very strong, and the things that Mr. Jinghai just let himself see are vivid and have to be believed.

More importantly, Mr. Jinghai did not take a cent, while Charlie spent more than 100 million on the auction.

The more such a comparison, the more he felt that Charlie might be something wrong!

At this moment, a housekeeper of the Qin family knocked on the door, and only stepped in after getting permission from Qin Gang.

“Mr Qin, there is your express.”

After speaking, he handed over a paper box.

Qin Gang frowned, and after unpacking the paper box, he found a token lying quietly inside.

Looking closely at this token, it seems that it is only a thin piece, only the size of a matchbox, worn with a cheap red string, and it looks exactly like the stalls in tourist attractions.

Qin Gang looked at the sender and saw that the word Charlie was written on it.

Looking at the remarks, there are only a few words written on it: “Scary talisman, hang in the main hall to break the evil!”

When Steven saw it, he immediately cursed: “d*mn, second uncle, this Charlie treats you as a fool! Just where is this broken shell, maybe it was bought from a stall on the street! How can it be broken?”

“Moreover, he gave us such a thing for more than 100 million? He still sent it to us! He doesn’t care about you face! You said, this Charlie is not a liar, what else can he be?”

Steven was so angry, and said sharply, “Second Uncle, let’s take someone to Charlie and get the money back! Otherwise, if Charlie runs away, our loss will be too great. !”

“You shut up first, let me think about it.” Qin Gang said, rubbing his eyebrows, looking at the startled talisman, he really couldn’t see any magic.

After hesitating for a while, Qin Gang summoned the Qin family members and said with a sullen face: “It is a matter of life and death of the Qin family. It is of great importance. I will go to Charlie tomorrow and ask what happened! You must wear Mr. Jinghai’s safety talisman. Feel free to take it off!”


“Second Uncle, I want to go too!” Steven gritted his teeth: “This person named Charlie has done a lot of harm to me. Now that I’m catching his fox tail, I have to break his leg by myself.”

“Only you? Can you beat him?”

Qin Gang frowned and said, “But if you really want to go, you should bring a few more bodyguards. First inquire about Charlie’s whereabouts tomorrow, just in case.”

After speaking, he paused again and shouted: “Remember, I didn’t ask you to take people to trouble Charlie, I am afraid that you would act recklessly and be beaten again!”

Steven was overjoyed and immediately said, “I understand.”

Qin Gang said coldly: “Although my Qin family is not a top-level family, it can’t tolerate others to deceive me. If anyone deceives me, I will respond back! I must check this out. If Charlie really pretends to be what he is not, I will not forgive him!”