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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 157 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 157 Start

“What, the stick?”

Qin Gang was stunned for a while.

Charlie was the only one who showed Feng Shui to the Qin family recently.

Qin Gang was extremely convinced by Charlie, and quickly said: “Mr., can you read it wrong? There was indeed a Mr. Charlie who helped me resolve it, but his methods are very useful, and it should not be a magic stick.”

Mr. Jinghai snorted coldly and shouted: “A person who pretends to be a ghost is the best at deceiving an ignorant person. If you are willing to believe him, just let me go!”

“Mr. Jinghai stayed.” Qin Gang panicked, and quickly stopped: “Please enlighten me, Mr. Jinghai, what is wrong with Mr. Wade’s method?”

Without raising his head, Mr. Jinghai reached out and pointed to the central room: “You bring a bowl of water.”

Qin Gang quickly ordered someone to bring a bowl of clear water.

Mr. Jinghai took the clear water to read a word, melted a few charms on the water, and then flicked the water on Qin Gang’s eyelids.

Qin had just opened his eyes, and suddenly he was terrified and backed away.

“Mr. Jinghai, this, what is this”

He suddenly saw a strange layer of black smoke on his house!

Moreover, on the heads of the Qin family, there were wisps of gray lifeless air, and the faces of the people were pale, just like a group of zombies.

Mr. Jinghai snorted: “I opened the eyes of the sky to you. What you see is Yin Qi, but your family members are all under danger and will die soon.”

Qin Gang was so frightened that he fell into a chair and muttered, “What can I do about this?”

“It’s okay, if I come here today, it can be regarded as destined for you.”

Mr. Jinghai took out a safety talisman and handed it to a member of the Qin clan.

Qin Gang suddenly saw that this peace talisman glowed with a faint golden light, and the golden light immediately diminished the death spirit on the head of the tribe.

Mr. Jinghai flicked his hand in front of Qin Gang, and everything Qin Gang saw suddenly disappeared and returned to its original state.

“This, this” Qin Gang was in a cold sweat, and hurriedly said: “Mr.Jinghai is really a god! Please save my Qin family, I am willing to pay no matter how much money.”

“Save a life and win a seventh-level float. I came here today for this.”

As Mr. Jinghai said, he took out dozens of safety charms and handed them over: “If you order your people to carry these with them, it will naturally resolve the bad luck.”

Qin Gang took it gratefully and hesitated: “I wonder how much Master Jinghai this thing worth?”

Mr. Jinghai waved his hand: “Resolving bad luck is also a merit. I don’t accept any money. But if there is a magic stick to coax you and let you spend a lot of money to buy a magical weapon, you must not charge it.”

Steven next to him couldn’t help saying, “Second Uncle, I’ve said Charlie is a liar! He took the money from our house and didn’t know where he was going to spend it! You must chase the money back, otherwise you will sue him. Fraud! Let him live his life in prison!”

Aoxue frowned, thinking, not knowing why, but she felt that Mr. Jinghai looked more like a liar.

That Charlie, apart from being a bit bad and having no IQ at all, he didn’t seem so bad, and in many cases, he could give people a feeling of inscrutable depth, like a deep pool of nowhere. The bottom of the lake or, a deep ocean trench.