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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 156 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 156 Start

Claire took it, put it on her hand naturally, looked at it and said, “You did it yourself, right?”


Charlie nodded and said, “This shell pearl bracelet has the effect of calming the nerves and helping you sleep, and it can also ward off evil and help you in self-defense. Today is a little too late, so it is relatively rough. I will make you better when I have the opportunity in the future. “

Before he could finish speaking, Claire smiled slightly: “Thank you, I like it very much.”

“You like it.”

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief.

The jade necklace he gave to Claire before was very precious, but Claire didn’t wear it much.

She usually likes to be plain and doesn’t care about gold and silver jewelry, so she doesn’t like to wear too showy things

However, Claire seemed very pleased with this string of clam bracelets.

Seeing Claire, Elaine seemed to like the broken bracelet very much, and muttered angrily: “It’s neither gold nor jade, but a bunch of worthless shell pearls. What’s the use?”

Charlie smiled, not arguing with her.

It’s okay not to let Claire know its value. Otherwise, she knew that if this magic weapon bracelet was sold, the rich would at least be willing to bid more than a billion for it.

After giving the bracelet to Claire, Charlie went downstairs, found a courier in the same city, and mailed Qin Gang the shock charm and the premium card together.

In this way, it can be regarded as a satisfactory explanation to him.

Qin Family

Mr. Jinghai was sitting on the Grand Master’s chair in the main hall at this time, his face was gloomy and he didn’t say a word.

When he came to Aurous Hill on this trip, he was aimed at this clam. There are sea spirit beads in it, which are used to make magical artifacts. The value is immeasurable!

But he didn’t expect Charlie to killed his plans halfway, disrupt his plan and make him gritted his teeth with hatred!

Steven stood by, standing with his hands down.

The prestige of Xuanjitang is outside, and of course the Qin family also recognizes Master Jinghai, and they all stand aside respectfully.

Qin Gang smiled complimentarily: “I didn’t expect Mr. Jinghai to come to the humble house. Qin is really fortunate. I don’t know what is going on with Jinghai’s coming?”

Mr. Jinghai took a sip of tea unhurriedly, put the cup on the table, and said slowly.

“I ran into Mr. Steven at the auction, and he invited me to show your family’s fortune.”

Qin Gang had been prepared to clean up Steven, and see if he would dare to sneak out next time, but seeing that Steven invited the famous Mr. Jinghai, he put the pressure down.

“Mr. Jinghai, please take your time!”

Mr. Jinghai nodded and said, “If I’m not wrong, the Qin family has been in bad luck over the past two years. I am afraid that someone in the family has an ominous thing. There was a bloody disaster last year. As for this year.”

After speaking, he looked around pretending to be mysterious, and sighed: “I think your Qin family’s fortune has come to an end. If this continues, the Qin family will be ruined, and the family will be destroyed!”

As soon as Mr. Jinghai finished speaking, Qin Gang paled, and quickly said respectfully: “Mr. Jinghai, you are truly a master of Xuanjitang. My Qin family is indeed in bad luck. Please help!”

Everyone in the Qin family was also surprised!

Mr. Jinghai is really an expert, and he is all right.

Charlie hasn’t replied yet, and Qin Gang has already waited impatiently.

But right now, the famous Mr. Jinghai came to the door himself, he seemed to have caught the straw, and asked quickly: “Mr. Jinghai, do you have a solution?”

“Of course there is a way.”

Mr. Jinghai said slowly, and suddenly frowned: “But I see your house, I am afraid that there has been a magical trick that confuses the people recently, which has broken the Feng Shui and hastened the demise of the Qin family. If you let it continue to harm you, I am afraid that your Qin will all die within half a year!”