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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 149 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 149 Start

Steven has had a miserable life these few days.

After getting into trouble a few days ago, he was severely beaten by his second uncle and was also banned.

However, with his extreme love for antiques, how can this level of auction be missed.

So, he tried his best to run out to participate in the auction today, but he didn’t expect to see Charlie here again.

He had always been disdainful of Charlie, in his opinion, the second uncle was completely deceived by this kid.

But he didn’t dare to provoke Charlie head-on. Seeing that Charlie was about to shoot the necklace, he immediately bid the price. Although it was useless, it was good to make Charlie uncomfortable.

Charlie glanced at him, then turned his head indifferently, and continued to bid.

“Seven hundred thousand!”

Steven followed closely: “800,000!”

Jacob couldn’t sit still, and said quickly: “Charlie, let’s not shoot, forget it, don’t fight.”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Look at how I play with him.”

After speaking, he directly raised his hand: “Eight million!”

The scene was dumbfounded.

Others call 800,000, you call 8 million? Are you poisonous?

Steven was also dumbfounded. d*mn, you don’t play cards according to the routine! Mine is 800,000. You should be calling 900,000. The maximum is one million. What do you mean by eight million?

Do you have money to burn, or is your brain short-circuited?

Charlie raised his eyebrows towards Steven and smiled, “Mr. Steven, continue!”

Steven sipped: “Am I crazy? Buy this tattered thing for eight million? Forget it, it suits you!”

Although Steven couldn’t hold his face, he was really unwilling to bid on the basis of eight million.

The value of this bead is as high as 700,000. If he really spend more than 8 million to buy it, he will be broken when he goes home?

Money is not spent like that!

Charlie stared at Steven at this time, and said disdainfully: “Mr. Steven, you withered so soon? It seems that you can’t do it either.”

Everyone laughed.

Steven blushed and said, “You’re so fcking irritating me. I don’t think you can afford it at all. Blind your mother asking for a price and want to lead me to a set? Humph, I have to see how the fck you take it out!”

Charlie curled his lips: “If you can’t afford it, just say you can’t. What’s the point of explaining so much here?”

At this time, the auctioneer also dropped the hammer.

“Eight million, deal, congratulations to Mr. Charlie!”

After that, a lady of manners came to Charlie with a wireless credit card machine and said, “Mr. Charlie, please use your card to pay.”

Everyone was staring at Charlie, and Steven sneered: “Charlie, how the h*ll I see you swiping your card! Can you take out 8 million?”

Others were curious as to whether Charlie was so frantic and mad, could he really come up with so much money.

Charlie smiled lightly, took out Qin Gang’s premium card, and finished swiping the card with a bang.

The premium card has no password.

Credit card successful!

The lady of etiquette handed the list to Charlie and respectfully said: “Mr. Charlie, the treasures you procured will be delivered to you before the end!”

“Good!” Charlie nodded.

Others were shocked!

It seems that he is really rich!

Buying a necklace of 700,000 at the price of 8 million, this man is really bold!

At this moment, Charlie looked at Steven and asked with a smile, “Mr. Steven, have you taken this order?”

There was a burst of laughter around, and someone ridiculed: “Mr. Steven, isn’t he in the middle of his family and can’t afford to pay?”

“Haha, I think Young Mr. Steven is too weak to lift the knife!”


Steven felt hot on his face.

d*mn, this grandson can really come up with so much money!

This time he is really embarrassed!

So he gritted his teeth and said: “Charlie, I will never lose to you in the next item!”

Charlie nodded, and said indifferently: “Okay, let’s move to the next one!”

Steven didn’t know where Charlie was so emboldened, let alone Charlie still holding a card from his second uncle in his hand.

Soon, a few more collections were sold, followed by a semi-finished Tian Huangyu embryo.

Half of this jade embryo is wrapped in rock to show that it is purely natural, and the price is 800,000.