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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 148 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 148 Start

Warnia on the side said embarrassingly: “Mr. Charlie, don’t take it to your heart, Mr. Jinghai has a bigger temper.”

Charlie shook his head indifferently, and said to Warnia, “Let’s go in.”

The guests entered the venue one by one, and the host was Fungui Bao, the owner of the treasure pavilion, and a few words of routine speech on the stage entered the auction.

The auction officially begins!

Due to the temporary cancellation of the last auction, this time there were more lots than last time, and the number of guests doubled.

The first item that the two ladies of etiquette pushed onto the stage with a trolley was an antique copper incense burner, with white mist curling up and smelling fragrant.

The auctioneer introduced: “This is the Songhe Backflow Incense Burner of the Thompson Dynasty. It is one of the treasures given to the painter and calligraphy master Su Dongpo by the Emperor of Thompson Dynasty. The two boxes of ambergris are used by the Thompson Dynasty court and are not allowed to be used by the people. Moreover, the production method has been lost, and it is refreshing to hear, and it has a slight cheering effect!”

After speaking, he motioned to the lady of manners to light incense.

A lady of etiquette carefully dug a handful of incense with a silver spoon to light it.

A white smoke slowly dripping down the incense burner like a waterfall, and the pine cranes on the incense burner were vivid, and faintly flapping their wings.

A faint scent floated up in the auction hall immediately, and the smell was refreshing, and everyone couldn’t help but feel refreshed.

Charlie nodded and said: “It is indeed authentic ambergris, refined by sperm whales, and this kind of hand-made incense technology is basically impossible to buy now.”

The auctioneer knocked the gavel twice and said: “The starting price of the Songhe Backflow Incense Burner is 800,000, and the price is increased by 100,000.”

This incense burner is exquisitely made, has a certain collection value, and the auction price is also moderate, and the audience raised placards.

In a short while, the incense burner was auctioned away by a player for 1.6 million.

Immediately afterwards, seven or eight lots were presented, all of which were high-quality antiques.

The atmosphere of the venue was warm, and guests bidding.

Jacob watched it with gusto, but he was shy in his pocket, otherwise he would be itchy and holding a card.

However, Charlie had no interest in these collections.

Although these lots are precious, they are limited to collections, and they are of little value to him.

At this moment, the hostess brought a white porcelain plate with a string of purple beads shining in the light!

The auctioneer introduced: “The natural purple pearls of the East China Sea can only be picked out from a thousand beads. The beads are round and uniform in size, which is a rare good product.”

The auction price of this string of purple pearls is not expensive, as long as four hundred thousand.

Charlie raised his head and immediately bid.

“Five hundred thousand!”

Jacob’s eyelids twitched, and he quickly said: “What are you doing with this! The pearl necklace is worth tens of thousands. This 400,000 is a waste! Don’t shoot!”

Charlie looked at the string of pearls, thinking of Claire in his heart, and said with a smile: “I think Claire is quite suitable for wearing it. Pearls calm the nerves. She has been under too much pressure recently and has poor sleep cycle.

When he heard that he was buying for his daughter, Jacob closed his mouth knowingly what he wanted to say.

The collection value of this necklace is not high, so no one bids.

Just when the auctioneer was about to make a final decision, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Six hundred thousand!”

Charlie looked to the side looking for the sound.

He saw that Steven, from the Qin family, showed his head from the side, with a sneer on his face, and said to Charlie: “Sorry, I also fell in love with this necklace!”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning, why is he here too? Isn’t he forbidden by Qin Gang?