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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 139 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 139 Start

Harold wanted to take the opportunity to establish a relationship with Fungui Bao, but he never dreamed that Fungui Bao would suddenly kick him off.

He rolled on the ground several times before he could stabilize his figure and sat on the ground at a loss: “Mr. Bao, what is going on, is there any misunderstanding?”

The others in the room also looked silly.

“Is this guy from the Willson family? Why did you offend Mr. Bao?”

“The Willson family doesn’t have many abilities. Now that you offend the pavilion master, you won’t be able to mix in Aurous Hill in the future?”

For a time, there were a lot of discussions.

Many people even watched Fungui Bao fighting against Harold with the mentality of watching a good show.

At this time, Fungui Bao glared at Harold and snorted coldly: “Misunderstanding? I mistook your mother!”

After that, he came up and kicked him again, and the kick made him cry out for a change.

Fungui Bao still didn’t subdue his hatred, so he stepped directly on his chest and said sternly: “b*stard, do you know who you offended?”

Harold’s face was dumbfounded: “I haven’t offended anyone, Mr. Bao, this is really a great injustice”

Fungui Bao raised his hand and slapped him twice, and scolded angrily: “Dog, the two you offended are distinguished guests of Miss Song, I really kill you and it still would not reduce my hatred!”

After he finished speaking, he immediately instructed the people around him: “Drag this [email protected] out of my face and beat him up! In addition, from now on, apart from the two distinguished guests just now, our Treasure Pavilion bans Harold and the entire Willson family. The other people step in, who dares to let them in and break their legs directly!”

Immediately afterward, Harold was beaten by several security guards.

After a fight, these people dragged him directly and threw him out of the Treasure Pavilion!

He had a blue nose and a swollen face, and his whole body was shaking, and he was too scared to speak.

He knew that he had caused a catastrophe and harmed the entire Willson family!

But how could he think that Charlie turned out to be the guest invited by Warnia?

Why can he know the eldest lady of the Song family!

Why can this waste be favored by Warnia!

After Charlie and Jacob came out, they drove home.

Jacob sighed in the car: “Charlie, it’s not your dad who told you. If you really can’t find the invitation letter, why should you steal someone else’s?”

“Dad, there is no problem with the invitation letter, it is the people who look down on others,” Charlie explained helplessly.

Jacob said angrily: “If you can be a little better and have some ability, would they dare to treat us like this? After all, you are too incapable and too useless!”

Charlie shook his head, too lazy to explain.

At this moment, a Rolls-Royce from the rear speeded up, and after passing by two people’s cars, it slowed down and stopped on the side of the road.

Seeing that the other party was looking for him, Charlie also stopped the car.

Warnia stepped on a pair of elegant long legs, stepped out of the car, and said apologetically to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie, I’m really sorry about the accident just now. I didn’t arrange it. Please don’t worry about it. .”

Charlie shook his head and said, “It has nothing to do with you. It is Mr. Bao who has to take care of his employees.”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Charlie, he has already fired the manager involved. Let’s go back and continue participating in the auction now. What do you think?”