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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 134 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 134 Start

Until Claire came home from getting off work, Jacob still looked listless and couldn’t even lift his energy after dinner.

Charlie knew that he was sulking because of the auction invitation.

At this time, Warnia just called and said, “Mr. Charlie, I’m sorry, I’m working in Haicheng this afternoon, and I’m downstairs at your house now, so I will hand you the invitation letter.”

Charlie hurriedly said, “I’ll come down and get it!”

After speaking, he hurried out.

Warnia sat downstairs in her Rolls-Royce, saw Charlie come out, got out of the car, and handed him two invitation letters.

Charlie thanked her and returned home without chatting with her.

Back home, the Old Master was still angry.

Claire persuaded him: “Oh, dad, don’t be angry. Grandma gave the invitation letter to Harold, hoping that Harold could take this opportunity to get to know a few people in the upper class and engage in social relationships.”

Jacob sighed: “Hey, your grandma has been partial since she was a child. She didn’t wait to see me, she loved your uncle and Harold. It’s still like this until now. It’s really annoying for me!”

Claire nodded helplessly, she also knew that grandma was eccentric.

Grandma felt that her father had nothing to do with her, and he didn’t have much ability.

Then she felt that Claire was a girl and couldn’t inherit the family business, so she was a little bit more pampering towards Harold.

Later, when she married Charlie, her grandmother had completely abandoned her family.

At this time, Charlie walked to the front and handed two golden invitation letters to the Old Master, and said: “Dad, I have the invitation letter you want.”


Jacob jumped up like a spring on his butt!

He snatched the invitation letter in Charlie’s hand, and hurriedly opened it and glanced at it. He was so excited that he couldn’t speak.

Claire next to him was also particularly surprised. She took the invitation letter in her father’s hand and looked at it. It turned out to be an invitation letter from “Jumbo Pavilion”.

“Great! Charlie, you are really my good son-in-law.” Jacob flushed with excitement and even said nothing.

He stretched out his hand and patted Charlie’s shoulder: “My daughter married you, she really married the right person.”

“Hey, just an invitation letter, it makes you so happy that your mind is not clear.” Elaine cursed badly.

Jacob clutched the invitation letter tightly and said to Elaine dissatisfiedly: “What do you know, this is an invitation letter from Jumbo Pavilion!”

After speaking, he smiled and said to Charlie: “Sit down and eat!”

Then he greeted Claire: “Go, get the bottle of seal wine in my room, and have I will have a couple of glasses with my good son-in-law tonight.”

Elaine looked at Jacob’s happiness and gave Charlie a look of anger, no longer speaking.

Claire was also very happy, but she had some doubts. After taking out the medicinal liquor, she sat down beside Charlie and bumped her elbow: “Where did you get this invitation letter?”

She also inquired about the company in the afternoon and wanted to get an invitation letter for her dad, but when she asked, she realized that the invitation letter from Jumbo Pavilion was limited to every family!

How did Charlie get it?

Charlie smiled and said: “I asked a friend what I wanted, and he also got two invitation letters, but he didn’t want to go, so he gave it to me.”

“Is there such a coincidence?” Claire was dubious, “Why haven’t I heard you say that there is a friend with such good family conditions? What is his name?”

Charlie said lightly: “His name is Qin. I helped him in Antique Street last time. Dad knows.”

Jacob also nodded again and again: “It’s true that the Qin also gave a jade bracelet to Charlie, said to be worth five or six million!”