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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 133 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 133 Start

The saddest person when the Tianhao Building Materials Group is destroyed is Mrs. Willson.

Now the Willson family’s economy is a little stagnant, she also hopes that Claire can persuade Tianhao Building Materials Group to first release a batch of building materials on credit, which can be regarded as a disguised solution to the financial pressure.

Unexpectedly, the entire Tianhao Building Materials Group was wiped out in one afternoon!

Now, what Lady Willson worries about most is the issue of funds. How to raise a sum of funds has become her greatest nightmare.

Claire did not tell her grandmother what happened yesterday. With this experience, she secretly decided not to deal with other family matters in the future and concentrate on cooperating with the Emgrand Group. Other things, even if grandma asks, she will never interfere.

The next day, Claire recovered from a lot of mental and physical conditions, and couldn’t wait to go to work.

Charlie went out in the morning to go shopping for groceries, and when he returned home, he saw the Old Master, Jacob, sitting on the sofa with a depressed expression and sighed.

He frowned and asked, “Dad, why are you in a bad mood? Who made you unhappy again? Could it be that you were cheated on buying antiques once again?”

Jacob took a sip of jasmine tea and said angrily: “Don’t mention antiques, sh!t, I’m angry when you mention it!”

“What?” Charlie couldn’t help asking: “Are you really cheated?”

Jacob said: “It’s not because of the number of places in the auction of Jumbo Pavilion!”

Charlie asked in surprise, “What is Treasure Pavilion?”

“It is a clubhouse of the Aurous Hill Cultural and Play Association. It often holds high-end auctions of culture and antiques. The auctions are all good things that are not available on the market. Every family has a place to participate.”

When Jacob spoke, a trace of fascination appeared on his face.

But then, he said in a frustrated voice: “The Willson family only got an invitation letter, and your grandma actually gave it to Harold. The kid Harold has never been in contact with antiques at all and doesn’t understand anything. What are you going to do? Shame on it!”

Charlie knew that his father-in-law was very obsessed with antiques, and it must be very uncomfortable for him to lose this opportunity.

So Charlie smiled and said, “Dad, if you really want to go, just ask the scalper to buy an invitation letter.”

Jacob waved his hand: “The organizer of the Treasure Pavilion auction is the Song family. The Song family is the most powerful family in Aurous Hill. I don’t know how many people want it, how can it be bought.”

Charlie smiled.

It turned out to be an auction organized by the Song family.

Warnia, the eldest of the Song family, didn’t she beg him to help identify antiques?

Little things like invitation letters should be solved by saying hello to her.

Thinking of this, Charlie said indifferently: “Some of the friends I know happen to be from this Aurous Hill family. It shouldn’t be difficult to get two invitation letters.”

Jacob didn’t believe it, and shook his head and said, “Forget it, what kind of decent friends can you know? I think it’s just some friends of friends. How can they be able to contact the Song family.”

Charlie didn’t say a word, and went straight downstairs, got through to Warnia’s phone, and said, “Miss Song, can you help me get two invitation letters for the Treasure Pavilion auction?”

Warnia said directly, “Mr. Charlie, are two enough? If there are not enough, I will give you a few more.”

Charlie took a look at the invitation letter, and said, “Enough, but I will participate with the Old Master.”

Jacob is a literary fan, Claire and his mother-in-law are not interested at all. Even if they let them go, it would be a waste of time.

Charlie knew the virtues of his father-in-law after the last Antique Street incident. He had to follow him and monitor him because he is afraid that his head would be dizzy and he would be pitted so that he had no pants left.

By the way, he also wanted to go over and see if there were any rare elixir or treasures at the auction.

Speaking of treasures, Charlie couldn’t help but think of the stone that said “Peace and Prosperity”.

After saving Elsa, the stone disappeared. He estimated that it was lost in the process of saving her.

Afterward, he went back to search for it via the route of the day but did not find it.

Fortunately, the aura of that stone has been absorbed by him, otherwise, he would really regret it.

Since “Jumbo Pavilion” auctions are all precious treasures in the world, maybe he can gain something.