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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 131 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 131 Start

Lianpo’s spine also broke!


Both husband and wife have high paraplegia!

There will never be a chance of recovery!

Issac stepped forward at this time and said respectfully: “Mr.Wade, the three hundred heavy excavators I have mobilized have arrived. As long as you say something, we will immediately flatten the entire Tianhao Building Materials Group!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded and said coldly: “Notify all the workers that the evacuation will be completed within ten minutes! Ten minutes later, it will be all flattened here!!!”

Tianhao and Lianpo were frightened.

A lifetime of hard work, is this over?

Everything is gone, and they can only be the living dead in the future. Without money, who will take care of them?

Charlie doesn’t care about them.

He asked to turn on the fire alarm, and the entire factory immediately began to evacuate.

Later, Charlie picked up Claire, who was already asleep and asked several people in black to carry Tianhao and Lianpo who were unable to move.

When everyone stepped out of the office building, the entire factory was almost evacuated.

The workers thought that there was a fire, and all ran out as if to flee for their lives.

At this time, three hundred excavators have surrounded the factory.

Thousands of people called by Issac are in the periphery, and they are evacuating all the workers.

Standing in the square, Charlie said to Tianhao and Lianpo: “I want you to see with your own eyes how your hard work turns to ashes!”

After that, he immediately said to Issac: “Let the excavator come in! Take it down for me!”

Three hundred excavators came in vigorously.

The buckets and guns on the excavator made huge movements, like three hundred heavy tanks, directly tore apart several workshops of the entire factory, and then flattened them, leaving a piece of rubble.

Tianhao and Lianpo were extremely desperate.

This is all their hard work!

These factories, brick by brick and beam by beam, are the result of their half-life’s hard work.

It can be said that the factory is like their child.

Now, someone tore down their factory a little bit, this is simply torturing!

At this moment, the two of them had absolutely no idea of ​​survival.

There is only one idea in the mind.

It’s death!

However, it does not exist.

Charlie will not give them a chance to die!

Let them taste the pain for the rest of their lives!

Later, Charlie said to the two of them: “I will spare you a dog’s life, but you will remember me, anyone who dares to reveal my identity to the outside world, I must kill his family without a leaving a person! Not even a dog will be left!”

The two of them collapsed in fright and cried: “Mr. Wade, we dare not master! Kill us, we dare not reveal your identity, master”

Charlie nodded.

Looking at the husband and wife who had become useless, and the Tianhao Building Materials Group that had become ruins, the ill feeling in his heart was finally released.

Afterward, he said to Issac: “Let the helicopter come over and take us back!”

Issac nodded immediately, and then respectfully asked: “Mr. Wade, I think the young lady may have been drugged, should I send her to the hospital, or I will arrange a doctor to come home?”

Charlie waved his hand: “No, just send us back!”

When he returned home, Claire still did not wake up.

This is mainly because Charlie did not take back the spiritual energy in her body.