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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 129 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 129 Start

Lianpo slapped Claire’s face and immediately made Claire a little more sober.

She covered her face, looked at the fierce woman in front of her, and subconsciously asked: “Who are you and what are you going to do?”

Lianpo gritted her teeth and said: “What am I going to do? I’m going to kill you, you stinky frame!”

After all, she shouted to the bodyguard next to her: “Where’s the knife? Give it to me! I’m going to cut off the face of this stinky frame!”

“Yes, Miss!”

The bodyguard immediately took out a sharp knife and said respectfully: “Miss, with this kind of person, don’t dirty your hands, let me do it!”

Lianpo raised her hand and gave him a slap, grabbed the knife from his hand, and cursed: “[email protected], dare to talk to me at this time?”

The bodyguard immediately knelt on the ground and said in horror: “Miss, I was wrong, please forgive me!”

Lianpo kicked him away and said angrily: “Get out of here!”

After that, with a knife, she would come over and scratch Claire’s face.

Claire was trembling in fright, trying to break free, but her body was controlled by the bodyguard, and she couldn’t move at all, and her body was so soft that she couldn’t get her strength.

At this critical moment, someone suddenly shouted: “Give me the knife!”

Lianpo turned her head, and a young man rushed in with ten men in black!

“Who are you, drafting, dare to take care of my business? Do you know who I am?”

Charlie gritted his teeth and said: “I don’t f*cking care who you are!”

After speaking, he rushed over and kicked the woman out.

Seeing Charlie, Claire broke down and cried, yelling: “Husband, save me”

With luck, Charlie gathered all the spiritual energy in his body on his fist, and suddenly punched the two bodyguards who were holding his wife.


The two of them were blasted out in an instant and hit the wall directly, and fell unconscious!

Claire was no longer under control, but when her legs became weak, she immediately fell to the ground.

Charlie immediately rushed up and hugged her in his arms, seeing a slap print on her face, the blood was dripping with distress!

“Claire, don’t worry! Husband will give you revenge!”

Claire cried bitterly, hugged Charlie, crying, and said, “Husband, husband, take me home.”

Charlie patted her on the back and calmly said: “Don’t worry, your husband will take you home, no one can hurt you!”

As he said, a wave came out of his hand, making Claire fall asleep deeply.

Charlie put Claire on the sofa next to him and said to Issac, “Protect my wife for me!”

Issac nodded and said sternly, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, she is in safe hands, I will raise my head to see you!”

Charlie turned to look at the yellow-faced woman who was kicked by him, grabbed her from the ground, and punched her in the face: “You beat my wife?”

Lianpo was full of blood and shouted hoarsely: “Do you dare to beat me! Do you know who I am? I will kill you!”

After that, she shouted to the bodyguard next to her: “Kill him for me! Kill him! Whoever killed him, I will give him one million!”

When several bodyguards got excited, they rushed up immediately.

Charlie said blankly to Issac’s men: “Kill me! Kill me!”

Several people in black immediately took out the pitch-black pistols from their pockets and pulled the trigger at the bodyguards!

These bodyguards never dreamed that the group of people in black who came here would have guns!

Moreover, their marksmanship is excellent!

Every shot directly hit the skull of these bodyguards!

In an instant, all the bodyguards of Lianpo died tragically!

Everyone’s skull was lifted by bullets!

Lianpo was frightened by this sudden scene: “Who are you?”

Charlie sneered: “I am Claire’s husband!”

Tianhao, who was standing silly next to him, trembled with scared legs: “You, you are the live-in son-in-law of Willson family?”

Charlie smiled and asked him: “What? Are you curious, how can a son-in-law have such a strong background?”

Tianhao nodded repeatedly.