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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 127 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 127 Start

Seeing Claire drank his tea, Tianhao was very excited.

Now, just wait for the effect of the drug to take place!

After Claire drank the cup of tea, she soon realized that something was wrong!

It seems that her head is a little dizzy and heavy!

What is going on?

She was shocked.

Did Tianhao mixed medicine in the tea this time?

Thinking of this, Claire trembled in shock!

She wanted to get up, but she felt that her legs were a little weaker.

Looking at it this way, she is afraid it is difficult to escape on her own!

Taking advantage of her own consciousness, she quietly turned on the phone, found Charlie’s number on WeChat, and pressed the button to speak.

The voice was sent here, and at the same time, she said to Tianhao: “Mr. Tianhao, I feel a little dizzy. There is nothing wrong with this tea, right?”

Tianhao laughed and said, “No problem! This tea is top-notch. It costs more than 10,000 a catty. It is delicious. Would you have another cup?”

Claire said: “No thank you, Mr. Tianhao, I’m a little uncomfortable. Could you please send me out?”

Tianhao laughed a few times. He was sitting on Claire’s side, but at this time, he got up and walked to the side of Claire and sat down next to her.

Looking at the restless Claire, Tianhao smiled and said: “Mr. Willson, everyone says you are the top beauty in Aurous Hill. I saw you today. It really is a well-deserved reputation. I really admire it!”

Seeing that he posted it, Claire moved to the other side, shook her head, and said, “Mr. Tianhao, can you please stay away from me?”

Tianhao smiled and said, “What’s wrong with Ms. Willson? We are partners. It doesn’t hurt to get close, right?”

With that said, Tianhao’s body once again stuck to Claire’s side.

Claire wanted to hide again, but he had reached the edge of the sofa and could only shrink her body vigorously to prevent Tianhao from touching it.

Tianhao has been leaning towards her, his eyes are constantly looking at her.

Claire’s brain became heavier and heavier, and when her hands were loosened, his voice was sent to Charlie.

Charlie was doing housework at home at this time, and suddenly received a voice from his wife, subconsciously opened it, and suddenly the whole body was violent!

Oh sh!t!

This d*mn Tianhao even dared to think loosely about his wife.

He immediately took out his mobile phone and called Issac directly, and said with a black face: “All the hands you can mobilize must go to the Tianhao Building Materials Group. I will raze it to the ground today!”

Issac asked in surprise: “Mr., what’s the matter? This Tianhao’s wife still has some strength in the family. It is a small family attached to ours. If we rashly level the Tianhao Building Materials Group, we will not be able to compete with other younger brothers.”

Charlie asked in a cold voice, “That Tianhao, who wants to assault my wife, tell me, is it rash to level him?! Huh?!”

Issac suddenly shuddered!

He thought Tianhao got the young master by accident, but he didn’t expect that he turned his mind on the young lady!

If you dare to have this kind of rebellious idea, the crime cannot be blamed!

So he immediately said: “Mr. Wade, I will immediately mobilize the staff and rush over!”

“Okay! I’m going there now too!”

Issac immediately said, “Where are you, Mr. Wade? I will let the helicopter pick you up, so it will be faster!”