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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 124 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 124 Start

After hanging up the phone, Claire was a little melancholic.

Charlie couldn’t help asking: “What happened?”

Claire probably told Charlie about the matter again.

Charlie nodded and said, “Why don’t you tell the Emgrand Group and let them prepay 20 million for the project?”

Claire hurriedly said: “Well, how can we cooperate with Emgrand Group. We have already climbed high. If we ask someone to pay for the project, we will be looked down upon.”

Charlie wants to say, the Emgrand Group is your husband’s, what is the 20 million? Who dares to look down on you?

But Claire didn’t know.

She said: “Well, let me talk to Mr. Tianhao.”

Charlie said: “Then I will go with you.”

“Inappropriate.” Claire said: “Isn’t it too unprofessional to take husband to discuss business.”

After that, Claire said in a convenient way: “You just stay at home. If you are really bored, go out. There is nothing wrong anyway.”

Seeing her resolute attitude, Charlie didn’t say much.

He knew that his wife had always been independent, and wanted to work hard on her own for many things.

Then he might as well ask her to try, if it doesn’t work, he will come out to help secretly

After breakfast, Claire made an appointment with Zhou Tianhao, the boss of Tianhao Building Materials Group, and drove there alone.

The Tianhao Building Materials Group is one of the largest building materials groups in Aurous Hill and even in Jiangnan. It is mainly engaged in various aluminum alloy building materials and is an indispensable supplier for large-scale real estate projects.

Zhou Tianhao was born in a not so well-off family, but he was lucky enough to get a wife with a strong family, so he took the help of his wife’s house and developed to the present stage.

However, Zhou Tianhao has a strict wife. Although his wife is very ugly, he never dared to mess around outside, so Zhou Tianhao has a good reputation locally, saying that he is a good man who never forgets his wife.

Tianhao Building Materials Group is located on the outskirts of the city, with a large-scale factory with thousands of acres of land alone.

After Claire drove to Tianhao Building Materials Group, she came to the office building.

After stopping the car, Zhou Tianhao had been waiting in the lobby of the office building for a long time.

Seeing her coming, Zhou Tianhao immediately put on an enthusiastic smile, walked to Claire, proactively stretched out his hand, and said, “Oh, Mr. Willson, welcome!”

Claire stretched out her hand, shook it politely, and said with a smile: “Mr. Tianhao, you are too polite.”

After speaking, she wanted to withdraw her hand.

But she found that Zhou Tianhao grabbed her hand and didn’t let go, and he even tightened his grip.

Claire pulled out her hand hard, and said with a wary expression: “Mr. Tianhao, what are you doing?”

Zhou Tianhao hurriedly scratched his head and smiled: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I always heard of you all around and saw you today. I could not hold back. Please forgive me!”

Seeing him, Claire was also frank and was able to apologize directly, a little relieved.

At this time, Zhou Tianhao hurriedly made a gesture of inviting and said with a smile: “Ms. Willson, please come to my office for a chat!”