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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 123 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 123 Start

Harold only felt a “buzz” in his head, and a wave of jealousy hit his forehead.

He didn’t even touch Elsa’s hand, she was undressed by a strange man, and he was still touching and pressing on her thigh.

How the h*ll can this be accepted!

Harold didn’t care at this moment that Elsa was extremely disappointed in him. He gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t think this person wants to save you at all, but wants to take advantage of the fire, and try to insult!”

As soon as Harold’s voice fell, all the eyes of the Willson family were focused on Elsa.

Everyone thought the same as him.

A beautiful and attractive woman lying in front of a strange man with disheveled clothes, letting the other person rub her, the inner feelings of this make people think about it.

Elsa was swaying with anger, extremely disappointed in Harold!

Not only did he escape first, but now he is maliciously speculating about her accident, and in front of so many people, it is not only unscrupulous but shameless!

Elsa said coldly: “Harold, the person who saved me didn’t do anything wrong with me. I took off my own pants! It has nothing to do with you!”

After that, Elsa gritted her teeth and cursed: “It’s you, Harold, everything is caused by you tonight. When the other party brought people to seek revenge, you ran so fast and left me where I was. I was stabbed, and you still say this now? Are you not shameless?”

Harold choked, his face flushed and he was speechless.

Elsa didn’t look at him at all, she immediately got up out of the ward, stopped a car, and returned to the hotel where she was staying.

The Willson family was also stunned. No one thought that the truth of the matter turned out to be this way!

It turned out that Harold caused the trouble and left Elsa again, which caused Elsa to be stabbed.

As soon as Elsa walked away, the Old Mrs. Willson slapped Harold’s face with anger.

Harold was beaten up and Lady Willson scolded: “How do I usually teach you? Let you please treat Elsa, you are good! You leave Elsa to fend for herself, you have done this kind of animal behavior, how could she like it? It is all on you?”

“Grandma, I was wrong.” Harold clutched his hot face and suddenly woke up, regretting it greatly.

Only then did he realize that he and Elsa would never be together!

Charlie returned home and did not tell his wife what happened tonight.

And his wife knew nothing about Elsa’s experience.

After all, Claire’s family has always been rejected by Lady Willson, so they are not qualified to live in Willson’s villa, and naturally, there is nowhere to learn about these things.

The next day, as soon as Claire got up, she received a call from the Lady Willson.

The Lady Willson said to her: “Claire, you go to Tianhao Building Materials Group today, find a way to talk with their boss, see if they can you first credit us with 10 million building materials, and wait until we settle the payment from the Emgrand Group.”

Claire hurriedly said, “Grandma, Tianhao Building Materials Group has done a lot of business, and they have a high right to speak. They have never used credit.”

Lady Willson said: “There is no way. The Willson family has some problems with the capital chain now. We can’t afford to advance so many costs and expenses. It is also very difficult to obtain loans. We can only find a solution from Tianhao Building Materials Group.”

Then, the Lady Willson said again: “Claire, now that the family is suffering from internal and external troubles, your cousin doesn’t give me strength. Now I only rely on you. Think of a way to have a good chat with Zhou Tianhao, the boss of Tianhao Building Materials Group. As long as he nods, we have a chance!”

Claire hesitated for a moment, but reluctantly agreed, and said, “Grandma, let me try.”

“Well, good!” The Old Mrs. Willson breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Grandma believes you can do it!”