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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1199 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1199 Start

At this moment, most of the people present gave Charlie a cold sweat.

Although everyone knows that Charlie is very good, and even has a lot of accomplishments in metaphysics, they really don’t believe that Charlie can compare to Delon for this kind of purely more than money.

The strength of the Kevin family is indeed much stronger than those of the Aurous Hill family. From the perspective of the scale of assets, Delon came to Aurous Hill, that is, the Raptors crossed the river.

Because in Aurous Hill, no one has beaten Delon.

No one can beat him even in the whole Aurous Hill comes together.

Moreover, the $20 million ruby ​​necklace is almost at the top in the ruby ​​world.

Even an egg-sized diamond may not be worth so much.

So everyone is speculating about what exactly is in the little box that Charlie gave to Warnia that would make Charlie so confident that it would be more expensive than 20 million USD.

Warnia carefully unpacked the gift box at this time. When the small square gift box inside was exposed, everyone present became even more worried.

This kind of gift box does not look like a high-end thing, because the real good things, the gift boxes for packaging, are also very elegant.

But Charlie looked like he was in a gift shop, and he bought one at random, which was worth a few hundred at most.

At this time everyone thought Charlie was defeated.

After seeing the gift box, Delon laughed disdainfully and said, “Mr. Wade, what is worth more than 20 million USD in such a broken box, is it a bit too cheap?”

Charlie said indifferently: “The value of a thing is not judged by its packaging, so although Mr. Kevin is dressed well, your value may not be higher than those of ordinary people.”

Delon asked with a cold snort, “What do you mean by this? You mean, the value of this young master is not as high as yours?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “It’s just an analogy. If you really want to think like this, then I can’t help it.”

As he said, Charlie spread his hands helplessly, his face full of confidence.

Delon was uncomfortable, but he was too lazy to talk to him, so he said in a cold voice: “Hurry up and let everyone know, I’m still waiting to see how you eat these utensils.”

Warnia looked at Charlie with a worried expression. At this moment, she didn’t know if she should open the gift box.

Charlie gave her a relieved expression and smiled indifferently: “Miss Warnia, since Mr. Kevin thinks so, see what is inside, then open it and let him take a look.”

Warnia nodded and gently opened the lid of the gift box.

It doesn’t matter if you open it, a strange fragrance immediately rushes out of the gift box.

Mr. Song, who was sitting next to Warnia, felt like a lightning strike when he smelled this smell!

He is too familiar with this taste, because this is the magical rejuvenation pill that made him at least 20 years younger!

At this time, someone on other tables also exclaimed: “Oh my God, it is really a rejuvenation pill!”

“Mr. Wade’s handwriting is really too big, right? Miss Warnia’s birthday, he actually gave a rejuvenation pill?!”

“I really envy Miss Warnia, who can receive such grace from Mr. Wade!”

Many people who came to Warnia’s birthday party today have also attended the birthday banquet of the Song family.

Everyone saw with their own eyes the magical scene that happened when Mr. Song took the Rejuvenation Pill.

At that moment, everyone was full of ultimate desire for Rejuvenation Pill.

There is no doubt that everyone is rich, even if there is no such wealth as the Kevin family, but at least they have a lifetime of glory and wealth.