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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1194 Free Novel

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A so-called Mr. Feather Wade dare to compare himself with him, is he a sh!t?

Thinking of this, he was too lazy to talk to Charlie again, hugged Issac, and smiled: “I didn’t expect Mr. Issac to be here today. I was planning to visit Shangri-La tomorrow.”

Issac said lightly: “The Third Young Master is polite. I wonder why the Third Young Master has time to come to Aurous Hill?”

The third young master of the Kevin family glanced at Warnia and said with a smile: “My sister and Miss Warnia were classmates abroad back then. This time I came to Aurous Hill to talk about cooperation with the Song family. I originally planned to come in two days. But I heard that today is Miss Warnia’s birthday, so I came here early.”

With that, he took out a very exquisite gift box from his pocket. After opening it, a shiny ruby ​​necklace appeared inside. He said to Warnia, “Miss Warnia, I personally selected this necklace for you. A natural ruby ​​from Africa.”

Everyone looked into the box one after another, and saw that there was a beautiful necklace in the box, which was also inlaid with a crystal clear ruby ​​almost the size of an egg.

Many people present involuntarily exclaimed.

Everyone also knows the goods, knowing that this ruby ​​is extremely valuable.

Seeing that everyone was startled by his ruby ​​necklace, the third young master of the Kevin family smiled triumphantly and said: “Miss Warnia should also know that ruby ​​is the most expensive of all gemstones. The price is one carat in the world. It’s going to sell for tens of thousands, especially for such a particularly pure ruby, and it has 26 carats. I also found Tiffany’s best master jeweler, polished this gem, and finished the setting. The price of this one is more than 20 million U.S.D., and I hope Miss Warnia will like it.”

Many people are envious, their eyes are almost falling off.

It was incredible to receive a gift of $20 million on a birthday.

But Warnia didn’t seem to be interested in the necklace at all. She said calmly, “Mr. San, this necklace is too expensive, I can’t collect it.”

“Is there anything you can’t take?” The third young master of the Kevin family said with a smile: “It’s nothing more than a string of necklaces. For the Kevin family, it’s just a drop in the bucket. I also think this necklace really matches Miss Warnia’s temperament, so I bought it as a gift for you, so you don’t have to be polite to me, just accept it.”

Warnia said with a serious face: “Mr. San you are too polite. As the saying goes, you can’t afford to be rewarded for nothing. How can I just accept such an expensive gift from you? I take it for you, but please take this necklace back.”

The third young master of the Kevin family suddenly looked a little gloomy, and asked her: “Miss Song, why are you and me so polite? This time, not only for your birthday, but also for the in-depth cooperation with your Song family. You If are so polite at the beginning, how can this cooperation continue?”

Honor on the side hurriedly said: “Warnia, what do you want? The Third Young Master gave you such a good gift, how can you neglect the hard work of the Third Young Master? Don’t hurry up!”

Honor’s father Tianming also nodded again and again: “Warnia, don’t look at it. Whoever would give such a large gift on a birthday would be so generous.”

Warnia said stubbornly: “I know that the gifts from the Third Young Master is very generous, and I am very grateful, but I really can’t accept such a valuable gift. Please forgive me. This is a matter of my personal principle, not for the third young master or If you have any comments on this necklace, please don’t get me wrong.”

Grandpa Song also came out at this time and said, “Mr. San, your gift is indeed too expensive. Warnia is embarrassed to accept it. It is normal. Please forgive me.”

The third young master of the Kevin family frowned and asked, “Mr. Song, do you and Miss Warnia look down on me or our Kevin family?”