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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 118 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 118 Start

Harold was so frightened that he almost wet his pants.

At this time, he was shocked and suddenly pushed Elsa out. Elsa uttered an ah, and she pushed him to the other side.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Harold ran to his car, opened the door, and sat in, then started the car and fled the scene without hesitation.

Elsa is about to explode!

This Harold is really a [email protected]!

He caused the trouble himself, but at the critical moment, he, a big man, actually pushed her, a woman, to block the gun and ran away?

In this world, can you find a second sc*m like him?

Seeing Harold run away, the young man cursed.

“This [email protected] dropped the woman and ran by himself. What a waste!”

After all, he stared at Elsa and said coldly: “Beauty, call that [email protected] back to me, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Elsa blurted out: “I don’t know him well, please don’t involve me in your affairs.”

The young man pointed to his head holding the gauze and said coldly: “d*mn, I have sixteen stitches on my head. I can’t breathe, I can’t eat anything! If he doesn’t come to save you, you can tell me. Going home and letting Mr. cool off for a whole night is the compensation you have to pay!”

Elsa blurted out: “How can you do this! This is illegal!”

“Illegal?” The young man said coldly, “My words are the rule! After I finish you, you will find out what is legal and what is not!”

Elsa felt cold for a while, and her panic and despair almost obliterated her.

She hurriedly said: “I’ll call him now!”

After that, she took out his cell phone and called Harold.

Harold was driving desperately, thinking that the farther he could escape, the better when he suddenly saw Elsa calling him, and his heart shook.

That’s it!

d*mn, what bad luck!

He also said to get in touch with her and build a relationship with the Dong family, so that the family can ascend up.

This is all right, Elsa has been severely offended!

However, how dare he answers the phone at this time?

Answering the phone is nothing more than going back, even fools can guess the next step.

But, do you still have a life when you go back? The gang is aggressive and they also carry steel pipes, even if they don’t take his life, he is afraid he will be disabled for life.

Women are important, but life is more important!

So he decided to continue to escape, regardless of her call!

Elsa couldn’t get through, and she was desperate.

She pleaded to the young man: “I can give you money, please let me go. It’s really none of my business.”

The young man grinned and said: “I don’t want your money! I want your body!”

Elsa was so scared that she knew that if she didn’t do anything, this person would not let her go.

So, while the other party was not on guard, she bit her silver teeth and kicked between the young man’s legs.

The young man didn’t expect that she would dare to resist. He was kicked straight in the crotch, his body moved with a scream of pain, and subconsciously waved his hand, stabbing her with a knife!

Elsa was about to escape, when she felt a sharp pain in her thigh, she screamed and fell to the ground.

A sharp dagger pierced her leg with blood flowing out.

“Smelly lady, you want to run!”

The young man became angry and grabbed her by the hair, and said with a sneer: “Congratulations, your success has angered me. Tonight, my brother and I will take good care of you!”

Elsa shed two lines of tears in despair.

She had declared her death sentence in her heart. She knew that this young man would not let her go, and she was afraid that she would really die in his hands.

In this case, it is impossible for anyone to save her.

She had never noticed that at this time, a black BMW car was gradually approaching. Charlie, who was driving, saw her at a glance, frowning suddenly!