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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1179 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1179 Start

Hearing his son’s question, Regnar felt mixed.

Not long ago, he thought that his son could see Warnia, that was the glory of the Song family.

But now, he felt to his heart that Warnia couldn’t have a good view of his son.

The current Wu family has not only shrunk seriously, but more importantly, its reputation has been completely ruined.

In addition, the eight heavenly kings died of Changbai Mountain for unknown reasons. How can the Wu family compare with the Song family now?

So he doesn’t have any hope at all now that he can marry Warnia to his home as a daughter-in-law.

It’s a pity that his son, and he still seems a little unaware.

When the Wu family was in its heyday, people didn’t agree, let alone now.

Think about it carefully. Not only is this son not self-aware, he also lacks control and understanding of the situation.

It seems that the Old Master is right, the Wu family is really inferior to one generation.

Now the Wu family is in his own hands and it has shrunk by half. If it is passed to his son in the future, it might become a third-rate family.

So he told Roger: “It’s not the time to deal with the love of children. Let’s first find a way to let the Wu family tide over this difficulty. Once the Wu family is relieved, we can continue to discuss the marriage with the Song family.”

Roger nodded and sighed: “If we can be bound to the Song family, then our life will be better.”

Regnar sighed, thinking that his son would really think about something.

No one else wants to play with you when you are beautiful, let alone when you are in trouble.

But he didn’t tell his son this, because the family already looked like this, he didn’t want to continue to dampen his confidence and enthusiasm.

In fact, this is where Regnar is inferior to the Old Master.

In other words, this is the key to the weaker generation of the Wu family.

When Elder Wu came out to enter the world by himself, he had to face everything himself and carry everything himself.

But after he worked hard for a career, he began to feel sorry for his son, and felt a lot of unnecessary suffering, so naturally there was no need for his son to taste it. He had a strong foundation that he had laid out for him.

But the key is that the older generation of entrepreneurs, the reason why they are so awesome, is because they are too good at enduring hardship.

For people like Mr. Wu, it was really rolling in the swamp, and tigers snatching food.

Only in this way can you develop a person’s true great ability.

It’s a pity that when Regnar arrived, they had no chance to withstand such a test.

By the generation of Roger, he even didn’t even know what he suffered.


After Charlie came back, he led a peaceful life again.

However, he was always thinking about doing a good job in the pharmaceutical business, so he called Meiqing’s son Paul, and Paul revisited Wei’s Pharmaceuticals with him.

Wei’s Pharmaceutical is one of the top Chinese patent medicine companies in Aurous Hill, and has developed many Chinese patent medicines that sell well across the country.

However, in the past few years, Chinese patent medicines have been declining across the country, and Kampo medicines represented by Japan and South Korea have gradually become the mainstream.

Whether it is Chinese patent medicine or Kampo medicine, the real core is the classic traditional medicine left by the ancestors of China.

Charlie has many very powerful prescriptions. First of all, it might even cause a major earthquake, so he was not prepared to shock the world. He just prepared to come up with some classic prescriptions to deal with daily diseases, and let Wei’s Pharmaceutical make a few best-selling drugs.