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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1178 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1178 Start

Harold, a shameless person, felt hot on his face at this time.

What the h*ll do you think this is?

Wendy was also extremely helpless, at this time she didn’t know if it was time for them to fight.

It’s really a human tragedy.

Noah grabbed Horiyah by the head and beat her for more than ten minutes, until he knocked Horiyah until she fainted, and then stopped out of breath.

Horiyah was already in a coma at this time. The Old Mrs. Willson just sterilized the entire room. She walked down and saw the following scene. She immediately said to Noah: “How can you beat her to death?”

Noah said aggrievedly: “Mom, this stinky lady has cheated me so badly. I can’t beat her up yet?”

Old Mrs. Willson complained: “You can teach her to get it, how can you fight so hard? What if Mr. Wu finds out and blames you? What if Mr. Wu feels that our family is not worthwhile? You are not. Are you joking about the future and future of your whole family?”

Harold suddenly understood at this time and blurted out: “Yeah, Dad, if Mr. Wu knows, what can we do? If he gets angry, he might withdraw all the money from the villa and the investment in our Willson Group. By then we will have to live on the streets again!”

Noah’s expression went black and white, and he said depressedly: “Okay, call an ambulance first and take her to the hospital. Isn’t this stinky lady going to have a baby? It just happened to be together this time!”

Horiyah was rushed to the hospital overnight, where she was rescued before she recovered.

After Regnar heard his assistant report this incident, his body trembled.

This family, I have seen it, the dirtiest, most disgusting, stupid family in the world.

Five people are refreshing their lower limit all the time!

He even found sadly that he had used all tactics to deal with Charlie now.

No matter it was the inferior Willson family, or the eight heavenly kings of dragon and phoenix among the people, it seemed that there was no threat to Charlie.

Even the Eight Heavenly Kings are not as good as the Willson family.

At least the Willson family members are still alive, but when the Eight Heavenly Kings go out, they all died.

Now the Wu family has lost the eight heavenly kings, which can be described as internal and external troubles.

Coupled with the previous reputational influence, Wu’s stock has been falling continuously.

Now their market value has saved more than 200 billion, all the way down to less than 100 billion.

The Wu family now can’t even compare to the Song family in terms of strength.

Moreover, it is certain that the Wu family is no longer the first family in the region.

If this continues, it is likely to fall out of the first-line family sequence.

By that time, the Wu family had really fallen into a hurry and could never get up again.

Roger was also very depressed.

He liked Warnia very much, and thought Warnia would be a high climber if she married him.

But now it seems that if Warnia marries him, it is his own high climb…

He couldn’t help asking Regnar: “Dad, do you think there is hope for my affairs with Warnia?”