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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1177 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1177 Start

Noah tried to endure the itching, and when he rushed home, Horiyah was cooking dinner.

Seeing that Noah liked to eat abalone made by herself at noon, she was ready to continue to please him, so in the afternoon when Noah went out with the Lady Willson, she went to the vegetable market again.

This time, she bought a large king crab for Noah. The king crab was big and delicious, and it was Noah’s favorite.

And this king crab is not cheap. She bought the big one, which cost more than two thousand.

Originally, Horiyah had no money, so she gave all the money to the Lady Willson, but she had an idea and stole a high-end imported cooking machine from the kitchen. By the way, she ordered two bottles of Moutai from the underground wine cellar and took them out. Sold it for 20,000.

Horiyah planned that the remaining money would not be reported to the Lady Willson, and she would save it to go to the hospital for an abortion tomorrow, and treat her venereal disease by the way.

When the Lady Willson went home, she didn’t care to settle the account with Horiyah. She bought a lot of disinfectant on the road. When she got home, she went back to her room and began to give her room, corridor, bathroom and terrace all-round disinfection and sterilization.

After receiving Noah’s inspection report and confirming that he did not have AIDS, the Lady Willson was still not at ease, so she wiped all the places she could touch with alcohol.

Noah entered the door with a black face at this time.

As soon as he entered the door, he smelled fishy and fresh crabs.

He was wondering, Horiyah came out of the kitchen wearing an apron and said with a smile: “Oh, my husband, are you back? I steamed you your favorite king crab, you want to eat more tonight. If you like to drink, drink half a bottle of Moutai to moisturize it.”

Noah was already half to death, but when he heard this, his whole body almost burst.

At noon, you stinky lady cheated me. At night, you still want to eat seafood and drink liquor!

By the way, I haven’t counted you on the fact that you infected me with a disease!

Thinking of this, Noah rushed forward immediately, slapped Horiyah’s face with a slap, and directly knocked her to the ground.

Before Horiyah could react, Noah rode on her, angrily and bowed left and right. The slap was almost as if he didn’t need money, and he slapped to death.

Horiyah was beaten up and yelled, and the entire villa was like a pig farm.

Harold and Wendy rushed out of their respective rooms, and when they saw their parents were fighting again, they hurried forward.

Harold couldn’t help saying, “Dad, what’s the matter with you? Haven’t you separated from mother? Why are you fighting again?”

“Yes, Dad!” Wendy also said hurriedly: “Mr. Wu specifically explained that the two of you must not fight each other, what if he blames it!”

Noah slammed Horiyah’s face with a fist, and said angrily: “I’m going to grandma of Wu, even if he’s the king of heaven today, he can’t stop me from beating her!”

As he said, he scolded angrily: “You stinky shameless b*tch, you infected me with a disease, and you deliberately made seafood for me. What do you mean? You want to kill me? You give it to me. With so many green hat things, I haven’t even calculated it yet, so you dare to slap me again!”

When Horiyah heard this, she was immediately stunned!

She cried and said: “My husband, I really don’t know, you are sick! If I know, if you kill me, I can’t make seafood for you!”

While pumping her, Noah cursed with gritted teeth: “You still pretend to me that you don’t get sick yourself, don’t you know it yourself?”

Horiyah cried: “I did get sick, but I didn’t expect to be able to infect you. After all, we have only been there once since I came back. Since then, every time you tried to have s3x with me, , Did I not refuse you every time, I lied to you, insisted on doing things with me, I also found all kinds of excuses to refuse, why? Isn’t it just because I’m afraid of infecting you?”

Noah slapped again and yelled, “You f*cking infected me, don’t you know?”

Harold and Wendy were about to collapse almost embarrassingly.

Listening to this, mother has infected father with a venereal disease…

Where did this venereal disease come from? Of course they both knew it well.

STDs must come from the same source as the child in the mother’s stomach.