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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1174 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1174 Start

Noah said hurriedly: “I definitely can’t hide from you, mom. It’s just that after a while, the doctor will check on me. It would be too embarrassing to be in front of you. Don’t worry, I will definitely know the results of the check. I’ll give you the details?”

The Old Mrs. Willson nodded, and said: “All inspections and results must be shown to me, dare to hide that I will never forgive you!”

Noah stepped into the consulting room while getting up and struggling to endure the itching.

In the consulting room, a doctor older than him was sitting in front of the computer when he saw him coming in, and he asked, “Why is it uncomfortable?”

Noah hurriedly said, “Doctor, I constantly feel itchy in my place, and I don’t know what’s going on, so I want you to see it.”

The doctor had seen more similar cases, so he nodded and said, “Take off your pants.”

Although Noah was a little embarrassed, he still took off his pants obediently.

The doctor just glanced at it and exclaimed: “You seem to be in a serious situation. Didn’t you go to that kind of place?”

Don’t mention how embarrassing Noah is. Wherever he has been to a romantic place, he is nothing more than the sound of the waves with his wife.

But he changed his mind to think about what the doctor meant, doesn’t it mean that his wife Horiyah is similar to the woman in Special Place?

But he can only say to the doctor: “Doctor, I haven’t been to any Special Place.”

The doctor didn’t believe what he said at all, because every man who came to see a doctor with an STD would not admit that he went to the Special Place.

So he said lightly: “They are all men, and I can understand many things. It is not uncommon for your age to go to Special Places occasionally, but I still have to give you some suggestions.”

Noah hurriedly said, “Doctor, please tell me!”

The doctor said lightly: “First of all, you must protect yourself when you go to that kind of place. Don’t be refreshed for a while. Don’t do anything without protection. Sometimes condoms are not only to protect women, but to protect men.”

Noah nodded and said, “I see, thank you doctor, do you have any more?”

The doctor said again: “In addition, it is recommended to try to go to larger, more formal, and high-end places. Although many roadside warblers are very cheap, their bodies carry many venereal diseases and germs. Maybe there are AIDS. Say you are so old, in order to save so much money, why bother to toss yourself like this?”

Noah’s face is green…

Doesn’t this mean that in the eyes of the doctor, Horiyah is as dirty as that roadside warbler?

At this time, the doctor gave him a meaningful look and said, “You see, in order to save a little money, you are now suffering from a whole body disease. I think you need at least tens of thousands for treatment. Isn’t this not worth the loss?”

Noah asked in horror: “Doctor, what’s wrong with me? What is this?”

The doctor said: “In my experience, first of all gonorrhea and syphilis are indispensable, because your body’s erythema is very special. I have been in the doctor field for so many years and I can’t read it wrong.”

Hearing these two diseases, Noah only felt that the sky was spinning, and he almost fainted.

d*mn, he never dreamed that Horiyah would have so many diseases!

At this time, the doctor said: “I think there should be serious inflammation in your area. If you don’t treat it in time, it is very likely that your prostate and your reproductive system will be endangered. So I will prescribe some tests for you as soon as possible. Do it and wait for the results. We will be conducting targeted treatment based on your actual situation!”

As he said, the doctor sighed and said, “The most worrying thing is actually AIDS. Because AIDS has been latent for a long time now, it cannot be distinguished from the naked eye. If there is AIDS, it can’t be cured. It’s a lifetime thing.”

Noah was about to collapse at this time!

Ever since Horiyah came back, he has only heard the waves with her once, but he did not expect to infect himself with so many diseases once.

Had it not been for Regnar to support her, she would have to be killed himself when he went back!