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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1154 Free Novel

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He is still in metaphysics, although he has some accomplishments, but in fact, he can’t bear the shock of thunder.

As for the rag like Oliver Vincent, at best, it is a gangster who commits crimes, and there is no such thing as a master.

But these eight heavenly kings are really interesting.

Just the punch of the iron fist just now, if it hit that Fake master in the Aurous Hill, it would really blow his dog’s head with one punch.

If Oliver Vincent was in front of him, he couldn’t carry it back and forth.

But even so, Iron Fist was still too weak in front of Charlie.

Now that the seven people go together, they have a little fighting power!

At this time, Linyuan took the lead!

His seven junior and senior brothers followed him step by step.

The seven people have already set their formations, ready to take Charlie’s life.

Linyuan came to Charlie, his body strength came out of his groin, gathered his hands, and then made a leap, his palms rushed towards Charlie!

This Linyuan is the best at hand!

The worst time in his life, a crazy adult male elephant was killed with one palm!

This palm technique looks soft, but it can contain incomparable strength, which is many times more advanced than a boxing.

Whether in the world of martial arts or in martial arts novels, Master Wade is truly top-notch!

Guo Jing has eighteen palms of descending dragon, Yang Guoyou has the palms of ecstasy, and Xiaoyao has six palms of Tianshan.

In addition, there are the palms of the god Xuanming, the palm of the Buddha, the palm of the cold ice, and the palm of the bone.

In martial arts novels, there are so many fascinations about palm, and it can be seen that palm is the most unpredictable pulse among martial artists!

Linyuan’s palm skills are superb and very powerful, and even looking at the entire Aurous Hill, he can’t find a master who can compete with Linyuan.

In addition, there are six juniors behind him who are blessed, and this time he is ready to kill Charlie with a single blow!

But, unexplainably, Charlie is still calm and unspeakable.

He stood here quietly, without moving a moment, and said leisurely: “I admire your undaunted spirit, but fierceness is one thing, strength is another matter!”

Linyuan had already played ten percent of his skill at this time! It’s like a cannonball that has been out of the chamber, with unstoppable momentum!

He can already conclude at this time that even if Charlie is a master of martial arts, this palm is enough to kill him!

So, he shouted coldly: “Boy! You’re looking for death! Watch me abolish your meridians!”

Just when Linyuan’s palm was less than half a meter away from him, Charlie narrowed his eyes, and took a step forward casually, saying indifferently, “Linyuan, you are good at palm skills? Then I will let you try. My palm!”

After that, he turned his right hand into his palm, and with full aura, he greeted Linyuan unhurriedly!

Linyuan’s palm contained a mighty force, which was unstoppable.

However, when Charlie greeted him with a soft palm, he suddenly felt that he was hitting a Mountain with a palm!

What he didn’t know was that Charlie’s palm contained an aura that he had never heard of!

Spiritual energy is between the heaven and the earth, the most refined, pure, strong and yang, even the strongest!